CWWeekly July 14th 2008 Issue

Saturday, July 19, 2008 08:21 AM

Top News

ECG Core Lab Services Available in China through Joint Venture with Cordium Links

In an endeavor to provide sponsors with cardiovascular safety services for the growing number of clinical trials being conducted in China, Cordium Links, a cardiac safety services provider based in Morganton, N.C., has created a joint venture in Beijing called Lawke Links.The joint venture was created with the help of Jian Ho, M.D., CEO and medical director at Peking Union Lawke Biomedical Development Limited (PUL), who heads the project management and site support segment of the business. PUL, which provides both clinical trial testing and diagnostic testing services, is a subsidiary formed by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences—under the control of China’s Ministry of Health—and Peking Union Medical College.

Medidata Aspiring to Win Over CRO Market

As the industry enters a period of eClinical consolidation, not only has the playing field narrowed for these companies, but the game itself is changing. According to many in the industry, it is no longer the adoption of technology that the industry is calling out for now, those numbers have risen considerably, but the need for a change in the way clients use eClinical tools within their organizations. There may be less fragmentation in the eClinical marketplace, but CROs and sponsors are looking to get much more from the technology being offered. CenterWatch had a chance to sit down with executives from New York City, N.Y.-based eClinical provider Medidata Solutions’ Glen de Vries, co-founder and president, and Ed Seguine, general manager of trial planning solutions and former chief executive officer of Fast Track Systems. Seguine joined Medidata when Fast Track was acquired in March 2008..

Company Profile: An interview with Riya Pulicharam, M.D., medical director, Healthcare Partners Medical Group.

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May 26

inVentiv Health aims to help sponsors prepare for new E.U. regulations on observational studies

ACRP partners with CRO Analytics to measure investigative sites' views of clinical trial quality

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