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The CenterWatch Weekly, April 10, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bridging the gap: Incorporating research into care

A few years ago, the idea that primary care physicians might offer clinical trials as a routine part of care seemed far-fetched. But today, a growing body of evidence supports the notion that integrating research into clinical care can improve efficiencies, bolster patient engagement and reduce cost. Several years ago, PMG Research teamed up with Eli Lilly, Quintiles, Wilmington Health and The Advisory Board Company to test the notion that integrating research into traditional healthcare offerings would improve the care experience for patients.

Parexel brings a new patient sensor platform to market

Parexel International, a global biopharmaceutical service provider based in Boston, recently launched Perceptive My Trials Analytics Platform, a tool designed to securely collect and store data from patients wearing medical devices and participating in clinical trials. The system has the capacity to collect data from six wearable devices or sensors measuring lung capacity, pulse, blood glucose levels, body weight and activity levels—essential information for many trials.


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