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Radiant Sage releases RadClinica version 3.0

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radiant Sage, a provider of on-demand clinical trial imaging infrastructure solutions headquartered in Belmont, Mass., has released its Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), RadClinica version 3.0. This single, centralized system adds to the Corelab-In-A-Box platform by providing a set of features to manage the execution of multiple imaging studies with real-time access in a cloud-based platform.

“Today it is very common that key stakeholders in a clinical trial are located around the globe, making communication, collaboration and management a challenge,” said Jesse Bowden, chief operating officer of Radiant Sage. “However, with cloud-based applications, like our RadClinica CTMS, all users have real-time access to the information as data is collected, processed and managed.”

RadClinica has been specifically designed to orchestrate operational, training and administrative activities of multiple imaging clinical trials. It is integrated with Radiant Sage’s other imaging products to provide a comprehensive software suite. Version 3.0 offers new features and functionality including easy study protocol setup and management, site collaboration, subject enrollment and management, site management including initiation and MCC Reports and analytics.

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