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PharmaVigilant releases I-Vault3

Thursday, October 24, 2013

PharmaVigilant, an e-clinical provider, has released the I-Vault3. I-Vault3 features new Cube technology, a powerful, multidimensional solution that allows for every document, image and video from an organization to be digitally stored in I-Vault3 with the highest security, access and control in the industry.

I-Vault3 is a transformed system with the ability to import and digitally store everything within a clinical organization: preclinical, clinical, regulatory, data management and R&D, regardless of its content, in hi-tech Cubes.

I-Vault3 Cubes are integrated into the I-Vault3 system, and act as repositories that allow for the efficient collection and dissemination of your important disparate documents with a simple drag and drop system, that creates both an audit trail and an automatic backup, while maintaining the highest levels of security. Documents can be imported and organized into one or multiple Cubes, pertinent documents can be picked and chosen from a Cube to drag and drop into a structured architecture or eTMF. This function can eliminate manual uploading and scanning process in the system, and it has the flexibility to be used in conjunction with that feature functionality, depending on an organizations needs.

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