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The CenterWatch Monthly, October 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New growth and decline in Asia clinical trials

While Asia’s clinical research landscape has grown significantly over the past five years, a new CenterWatch analysis paints a radically different picture of the region than anticipated 18 months ago. Data analysis of individual countries has found new pockets of growth, particularly in South Korea and Japan, but regulatory concerns have caused a dramatic slowdown in India, which the industry had anticipated would become a leading market for clinical research by now.

Harnessing Big Data to transform clinical trials

Imagine a multinational clinical trial in which patients in each country were selected based on genomic factors, indepth medical histories and physician notes, and sponsors could select the best sites and Principal Investigators (PI). Such a trial would be brought to you by Big Data, through which complex and disparate information—a person’s genome, electronic hospital and medical records with doctor comments, even prescription data—is linked together to determine eligibility for a clinical trial.

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