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Patient Recruiters International launches Clinicalstudy.org

Friday, July 20, 2012

Carlsbad, Calif.-based Patient Recruiters International (PRI), a provider of direct patient access solutions for patient recruitment and retention services, has launched Clinicalstudy.org to host clinical trial web sites and landing pages for the registration of interested research volunteers.

Clinicalstudy.org offers customizable clinical study web pages via sub-domains for sponsors. For example, a study in diabetes might have the sub-domain “diabetes.clinicalstudy.org.”  The site enables rapid online prescreening and patient engagement with high organic search engine placement. In addition, patients may register for future clinical studies on the site.

“Dedicated domains are an expensive process to design and develop, especially when only used during the active patient enrollment period,” said Larry Risen, president of PRI. “With Clinicalstudy.org, we are offering a far more cost-effective solution for clinical study web sites.”


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