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Charles River and Metabolon partner on cancer research

Friday, April 6, 2012

Charles River Discovery Services is partnering with Metabolon, a diagnostic products and services company based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., to enhance oncology research.

The collaboration will draw on Metabolon’s in-depth analysis of metabolic data to identify both mechanism of action and biomarkers, which Charles River will combine with its preclinical oncology study expertise.

Working together, Metabolon and Charles River can provide:

  • MOA: elucidation, identification, characterization and validation of drug target candidates
  • Expertise in preclinical studies using validated in vivo and in vitro models
  • PK/PD, tumor growth delay, tumor growth inhibition, survival, combination and adjuvant study designs
  • Assessment of lead chemistries, lead ID, optimal dose, optimal combinations, sensitivity/resistance patterns and new indications for existing compounds
  • Development of biomarkers for preclinical PD, patient stratification/selection, translational models and efficacy

The new partnership will officially be announced at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting.

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