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CenterWatch Monthly March 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Demand for Contract Staffing Grows as Pipeline Ramps Up

In the past decade, the contract research staffing space has undergone a major transformation. Now, large staffing companies, such as Kelly Services and Aerotek, work in the space along with a number of global CROs and smaller niche contract staffing companies.

The contract staffing segment is poised for continued growth after three good years. Staffing companies will be in a good position to offer services to both sponsors and CROs, because they can offer flexible staffing models as sponsors ramp up pipelines.

Avoiding Clinical Research
Billing Fraud

Research billing fraud can occur in hospitals, universities, private practices—anywhere research is conducted. It can be committed by investigators, billing departments or inadvertently on an institutional level because appropriate processes are not in place to prevent it.

Some suggestions for researchers to avoid billing errors include using a clinical trial management system and writing SOPs for billing practices and interventions.

Prying CROs Out of
Their Niches in Europe

A half dozen major players now control half the contract research organization (CRO) market worldwide, and another score hold a further quarter, leaving some 1,000 smaller

CROs competing for what’s left. Of course, what’s left is still substantial, since the worldwide cake for CROs has grown to more than $20 billion. And in Europe, the market is estimated at upward of $6 billion

Eye On:
Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory disorders are highly prevalent worldwide. Asthma is characterized by hyperresponsiveness of the airways, resulting in recurrent episodes of wheezing and shortness of breath. Global prevalence of asthma is more than 300 million, with 255,000 asthma-related deaths in 2005, according to the World Health Organization.

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