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Clinical Data, Affymetrix in Marketing Deal

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Newton, Mass.-based analytical services company Clinical Data signed a service and marketing agreement with Affymetrix, a diagnostic technology company based in Santa Clara, Calif. The agreement allows Clinical Data’s two subsidiaries, Cogenics and Epidauros Biotechnologies AG, to sell Affymetrix’s drug metabolizing enzymes and transporter (DMET) solution. DMET is a method for analyzing the genetics of drug metabolism. It allows sponsors to gain valuable data on pharmacokinetics compared to a patient’s genetic profile.

“We believe that Cogenics’ and Epidauros’ expertise in genetic biomarker discovery and history with ADME studies will greatly enhance the DMET offering by making it more attractive, comprehensive and valuable to pharmaceutical customers seeking to address drug metabolism issues that arise in drug development,” said Pratima Rao, senior director of product marketing at Affymetrix.

Cogenics and Affymetrix collaborated on the development of DMET, which just became available in January.

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