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CenterWatch Monthly: August 2006 Issue

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Changing Investigator Meeting Formats

Investigators and coordinators who have sat through many investigator meetings agree that changing formats can only make the time-worn meetings more useful. Despite that feeling, investigators and other site personnel enjoy attending investigator meetings in person and overall they rate meetings well. When asked about key aspects of investigator meetings in the Thomson CenterWatch 2005 Investigator Meeting Survey, 78% found the meetings’ overall usefulness to be “Good” or “Excellent.”

Integrating EDC with EHR?

In the first part of our series on electronic data capture (EDC), CenterWatch explored how vendors are offering more integrated enterprise-wide systems with features such as clinical data management, project management and interactive voice response systems. Beyond integration is the promise—and threat—of integrating EDC with electronic health record systems. Given the long struggle to move EDC out of the pilot phases, will that ultimate integration come soon? Your answer may depend on whether you are an EDC or EHR vendor.

Fighting GCP Fatigue

As good clinical practice (GCP) adoption has gained ground across Europe, standards of patient protection and data integrity within trials have risen, along with the price tag of their requirements. Some researchers say that the burden of cost is making Europe, particularly Western Europe, less competitive compared to Latin America or China. Others welcome the stricter rules and guidance, saying that education is needed to rekindle investigator’s waning interest in keeping up to date in this area.

Eye On Bladder Disorders

Worldwide, bladder disturbances affect at least 70 million people, 20% of whom are diagnosed.

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