Illumina launches iHope Program for pediatric undiagnosed genetic diseases

Illumina has announced the iHope program, a philanthropic initiative aimed at identifying the genetic causes of undiagnosed rare diseases in children. With initial program partners Foundation for the Children of the CaliforniasRare Genomics Institute and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco, selected patients in financial need will receive clinical whole-genome sequencing performed by the Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory. Through whole-genome sequencing—the process of determining the order of all the DNA in a person’s body—Illumina and the iHope program partners strive to end years-long diagnostic odysseys of unnecessary and inconclusive testing for these children and their families.

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The Pulse

The Pulse on Site Success by Christophe Berthoux

In January, the FDA declared 2016 “The Year of Diversity in Clinical Trials” and shared a series of activities planned to advocate for more representation of women and minorities in clinical research. A push for more inclusion requires a community-wide effort; however, sites will play a big part in ensuring diversity, not only in medicines that are tested, but among patients.

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