INC Research launches Vaccine Catalyst Site Network

INC Research Holdings, a, global phase I to IV CRO, has launched the company’s Vaccine Catalyst Site network as part of its Catalyst program introduced earlier this year to strengthen collaborations with clinical research sites worldwide, ultimately enhancing patient focus and optimizing study delivery to drive improved predictability and increased efficiency for customers. INC selected 40 high-performing clinical research sites to participate in the initial launch of its Vaccine Catalyst Site network, which was formed to respond to the rapid growth and strong pipeline of vaccine studies.

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The Pulse

The Pulse on Patient Recruitment by Ashley Tointon

When recruiting patients for clinical trials, multiple things can go wrong. The majority of us have likely encountered at least one horror story involving huge patient recruitment budgets that resulted in miniscule measurable results. These pervasive stories enable the continuation of a commonly held feeling of skepticism about the value of patient recruitment services. The “when things go wrong” story is passé and should be replaced with the “when things go right” story. One of the best ways to ensure patient recruitment success is to set up the program correctly from the start.

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