Synexus, Radiant Research to integrate operations

European-headquartered Synexus and U.S.-based Radiant Research announced a full operational integration to form a single global site network of 185 sites with 1,500 employees. This move will create the world’s largest site network, spanning 11 countries and offering access to more than 100 million patients in key clinical development markets, operating under the Synexus name.

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The Pulse

The Pulse on Site Success by Christophe Berthoux

When sites are juggling multiple studies, it can be easy to push social media efforts to the backseat. However, this may deter from opportunities to expand clinical trial awareness and potentially bringing new business to sites. Fortunately, a site can implement tools and processes to allow for social media interaction, while maintaining the balance between keeping up with administrative workloads and providing patient care.

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