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April 25-28, 2015

ACRP's 2015 Global Conference & Exhibition

Salt Lake City, Utah

ACRP's Global Conference & Exhibition is uniquely focused on supporting the professional growth and development of individuals conducting clinical trials through education, exchange, and peer-to-peer engagement.

Start planning now to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your performance in the conduct of clinical trials.


This new format breaks the traditional conference session mold. Dive in to roundtable-style group discussions led by subject matter expert facilitators! These sessions foster the sharing of experiences and information to provide you with a transformative adult learning experience.

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May 4-5, 2015

Chief Medical Officer East

Battery Wharf Hotel, Boston Common, Boston MA


Steven Zelenkofske and Jim Roach address the role of the CMO

The Conference Forum’s 3rd Annual Chief Medical Officer Summit for Emerging Life Science Companies is delighted to present a truly distinctive and interactive event for CMOs. We are grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Stoner, Managing Director, MPM Capital, for suggesting the idea and to our CMO advisers for their insights on content and agenda development.

We are Dedicated to Accomplishing Two Goals

  1. To bring together CMO executives to address the unique challenges associated with directing and managing all R&D functions with limited resources, while raising capital, working and meeting with investors and strategizing for appropriate exits.
  2. To create a network of CMOs from small to mid-size life science companies to share ideas, solutions and support.

The Role of a CMO in Emerging Life Science Companies
The role of a Chief Medical Officer is one that means many things to many people, and indeed is radically different depending on the type of organization in which a CMO works. For CMOs in early, emerging and even mid-size life science companies, the role can be an isolated one, but with all the responsibility for driving the clinical development and CRO management while meeting the needs of investors and positioning for an appropriate exit. Chief Medical Officers are playing an increasingly larger role in raising funding for their life science companies.

Who Should Attend

The conference is designed specifically for CMOs, but certainly Heads of R&D, Clinical Operations/Development/Outsourcing, and Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs would also greatly benefit from attending the program. Clinical service providers and investors are encouraged to attend as conversations with CMOs are very much welcomed.

May 13-14, 2015

The Avoca Quality Consortium Summit 2015

The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, Princeton, NJ

Led by The Avoca Group and sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company and Pfizer, Inc., The Avoca Quality Consortium brings together quality, outsourcing and operational professionals from Member pharma, biotech, niche clinical service providers, and CRO organizations to accelerate the development of leading practices and industry standards for proactive quality management and risk mitigation in clinical research. The Consortium currently has over 40 Member companies.

Collaborate with 150+ Senior-Level clinical professionals working in operations, quality, and outsourcing and discuss the latest techniques for improving proactive quality management practices while enhancing clinical trial innovation.

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May 17-20, 2015

MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference – 2015 East

Renaissance Capital View, Arlington, VA

MAGI conferences offer a coherent program with practical tips based on real-life examples, and lots of interaction and networking. 79% of MAGI participants find the conference more educational than other conferences. 91% find the conference more practical. 81% find the sessions more interactive.

Joan Chambers, CenterWatch Chief Operating Officer, will lead a panel on Patient-Centric Clinical Trials.

At the last MAGI conference, over 650 participants gathered an average of 12 practical tips to implement in their own organizations. Any one tip can pay for attending the conference. 84% of MAGI participants find the networking better than at other conferences. 89% find the conference friendlier. 86% say MAGI conferences offer better value. Find out for yourself why over 99% of participants are satisfied with MAGI conferences. That's how we can offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

This conference will feature:

  • 100+ sessions and workshops in seven tracks: sponsor operations, site operations, regulatory compliance, contracts, budgets & billing, quality and special topics
  • 200+ speakers with diverse expertise and backgrounds

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June 1-3, 2015

CHI’s Clinical Trial Oversight Summit

Omni Parker House - Boston, MA

How do I employ risk-based approaches to monitoring? How should I prepare for and manage an FDA site inspection? What are the best practices to manage quality in the sponsor/supplier relationship? If you are dealing with these issues, check out CHI's Fourth Annual Clinical Trial Oversight Summit where industry key players will be sharing first-hand insights on improving clinical quality and reducing risk from: person to person, team to team, sponsor to vendor, and vendor to vendor. Join over 250 of your peers and hear from Amgen, Biogen Idec, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Merck Research Laboratories, Pfizer, SAIC-Frederik, and more.

4 Co-Located Conferences:

June 1-2:

  • Mastering Clinical Monitoring
  • Vendor Management in Clinical Trials

June 2-3:

  • Clinical Auditing Forum
  • Clinical Project Management Forum

Dinner Short Courses:

  • Facilitating Investigative Sites' Operational Efficiency
  • Quality by Design in Clinical Research: Is This Only for the Protocol?

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September 9, 2015

Mobile in Clinical Trials

Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston MA

The 5th annual DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference presents Mobile in Clinical Trials: How Mobile is Innovating Clinical Trials.

This one-day event helps drug developers get their arms around the mobile/digital clinical trial landscape and figure out:

  • How mobile is innovating clinical trials
  • What parts of clinical trials mobile/digital technology is currently impacting
  • How mobile technology is making clinical trials cheaper, easier and more accurate
  • How mobile/digital is increasing the efficacy of drugs
  • What the true value is to clinical trials
  • What the opportunities are

The conference explores the behavioral and technical hurdles, new business models, the investment climate, what apps clinical trial leaders want to see and the evolution of standards. There is an opportunity to participate in creating a clinical trial app. Investors and app developers will also benefit from attending.

Very interactive and hands-on. Dress code, casual. Join us on September 9 to explore the realities, true value and key ways to begin to deploy mobile and digital technologies to improve your clinical trials.

September 10-11, 2015

Disruptive Innovations

Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston MA


Welcome to the 4th annual Dpharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials event. This is the only conference truly dedicated to exploring and addressing where there is significant innovation in clinical trials.

We bring together an exceptional audience of out-of-the-box thinkers determined to make clinical trials more affordable, efficient, with higher quality data and a far better experience for patients.

Zen ChuIt is an outcomes-focused program that not only delves deeply into the key strategic factors impeding clinical trial productivity, but also endeavors to connect change makers who can share current solutions, propose new solutions and commit to testing them and share the results. This conference is designed to be engaging in a highly informative format, similar to the style of TED events. Each session will deliver a clear set of objectives, summary and key take-aways.

Focus & Objectives

This is a TED-style event showcasing innovations and leading practitioners in Pharma R&D with a focus on clinical research as well as innovative leaders from other industries.

We strive to underscore the promise and challenge of innovation in advancing drug development.

We strive to innovate a new model and find collaborations to get therapeutics to patients faster.

We address how can we better apply the full spectrum of clinical research options and utilize insights more appropriately.

We are dedicated to designing creative solutions and finding a way to implement them.

We explore to whom are companies being disruptive and to gain a better understanding of the impact on clinical trials.

We invite you to review the 2014 agenda and let us know if you have any questions or ideas to share. Contact us at