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June 9, 2003

Point therapeutics reported positive results from a phase I trial investigating PT-100, a cytokine and chemokine stimulator for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. Results showed a two-day reduction in the median days of severe neutropenia observed in a group of seven subjects who received the 800mcg dose from the second to the eighth day following chemotherapy. A comparison of the median absolute neutrophil counts demonstrated approximately a 60 % reduction in the duration and degree of severe neutropenia in Cycle 2 compared with Cycle 1. The study compared the duration of severe neutropenia in cycle 1 of chemotherapy, when subjects did not receive PT-100, with the duration in cycle 2, when PT-100 was administered. The trial was designed to study the safety of PT-100 in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and to measure blood levels of neutrophils and important biological mediators of hematopoiesis, such as G-CSF and IL-6.

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