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Bilbao, Basurto Clinical Trials

A listing of Bilbao, Basurto clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (70) clinical trials

COPD Readmissions Prediction- ReCOPD Project

DESIGN: A prospective observational cohort study with a nested case control study, with one year follow-up from index hospital admission. SETTING: Multicenter and multidisciplinary study taking part the following hospitals: Costa del Sol Hospital (Andalusia), Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria University Hospital (Canary Islands), Gregorio Maran General University Hospital (Madrid), ...

Phase N/A

Surgical Technique Open Versus Minimally-invasive Gastrectomy After CHemotherapy

Laparoscopic surgery has been shown to provide important advantages in comparison with open procedures in the treatment of several malignant diseases, such as less peri-operative blood loss, faster patient recovery and shorter hospital stay. All while maintaining similar results with regard to tumour resection margin and oncological survival. In gastric ...

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Predictive Models of Readmission in Heart Failure

Objective: To create models for predicting the risk of readmission short term (30-90 days) and medium term (one year).To identify differences between patients readmitted and not readmitted, and profiles of frequently preventable readmissions in our setting. Methodology: Observational prospective cohort of patients who are discharged with a diagnosis of heart ...

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Thromboelastometry in Liver Transplantation

Thromboelastometry better assess coagulation than standard coagulation test in patients undergoing ortothopic liver transplantation. In a post-hoc analysis from a randomized study recently conducted by our group, presurgical values of MA10 Extem < 35 mm are highly predictive of RBC administration , with no further improvement over MA10 Extem >40 ...

Phase N/A

Natural History Study of Synucleinopathies

-synuclein is a small protein of 140 amino acids that is highly expressed in the brain. It's function remains poorly understood.10 Synucleinopathies are a group of neurodegenerative diseases associated with the abnormal accumulation of -synuclein within cytoplasmic inclusions in neurons or oligodendroglia. These -synuclein containing cytoplasmic aggregates occur throughout the ...

Phase N/A

Stimulation of the Efferent Loop Before Loop Ileostomy Closure

Stimulation was performed 3 weeks prior to the ileostomy closure using 500 cc of a thickening substance (saline and nutritional thickener) through the efferent limb.


Pulmonary Embolism as a Cause of COPD Exacerbations

The primary objective is to demonstrate the clinical benefits of an active strategy for the diagnosis and treatment of PE compared to usual care in patients with unexplained exacerbations of COPD who require hospital admission. The secondary objective is to assess the safety of an active strategy for the diagnosis ...


PVS: Innovative Programs For Healthy Lifestyle Promotion in Primary Care: 'Prescribe Healthy Life'

BACKGROUND: Primary health care (PHC) services have special opportunities for healthy lifestyles promotion. Yet, despite its potential impact health promotion is not widespread and the results obtained are limited. OBJECTIVE: To explore the feasibility and efficacy of an implementation strategy for optimizing the promotion of physical activity, diet and smoking ...

Phase N/A

Safety Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Multiple Rising Doses of Ixazomib in Lupus Nephritis

The drug being tested in this study is called ixazomib. Ixazomib is being tested to find a safe and well tolerated dose in participants with lupus nephritis. This study will look at side effects and lab results in participants who take ixazomib, along with the determination of the pharmacokinetics (PK). ...


A Prospective Registry Study in Patients With Unresectable Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)

This study is a prospective, multicenter non-interventional cohort study designed to develop a registry in unresectable locally advanced or metastatic disease.

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