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Alcohol Dependence Clinical Trials

A listing of Alcohol Dependence medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (264) clinical trials

Online Interventions for Gamblers With and Without Co-occurring Problem Drinking

Problem gambling and problem drinking frequently co-occur. Further, the treatment needs of people with co-occurring gambling and drinking problems may be different from those of problem gamblers who do not drink alcohol in a hazardous fashion. The current project will evaluate whether there is a benefit to providing access to ...

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Responsible Fatherhood Opportunities for Reentry & Mobility

Individuals with a criminal justice background (either incarcerated or on community supervision) and substance use issues will have the opportunity to enroll in services provided by the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center to focus on enhancing fatherhood and family situations.

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A Community-Based Strategy for Preventing Underage Drinking

In this community-wide intervention, we will evaluate a comprehensive underage alcohol use reduction intervention that combines policy and enforcement elements focused on 1) reducing social and commercial access to alcohol, and 2) increasing the likelihood of legal sanctions associated with use and misuse, and 3) mobilize parental and peer influences ...

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Combating Craving With Contingency Management: Neuroplasticity and Methamphetamine Abuse in South Africa

Methamphetamine addiction (MA) is a global health problem with high prevalence and great social and health costs in the United States and in the Republic of South Africa, and there is a strong need for development and implementation of effective MA treatment approaches. This study will correlate MA-abstinence outcomes from ...

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HCV Group Evaluation and Treatment Uptake (HCV GET-UP) Intervention

The goal of this proposal is to improve HCV (hepatitis C virus) treatment uptake among current and former injection drug users (IDUs) by testing an innovative, primary care based HCV Group Evaluation and Treatment UPtake (HCV GET-UP) intervention. IDUs make up the majority of the 4 million Americans chronically infected ...

Phase N/A

Ethanol and Cannabinoid Effects on Simulated Driving and Related Cognition: Sub-Study I

To study the effects of oral ethanol (a target BAC of ~0.04 g/dl; equivalent to consuming approximately 2 drinks over 1 hour) and vaporized THC (4 mg of THC dissolved in an ethanolic solution; equivalent to smoking approximately 1/4 of a marijuana cigarette, or "joint") on driving.


Naloxone to TReatment Entry in the Emergency Setting

Randomized controlled trial. Subjects are included if they are being treated by an ambulance in the Malm uptake are for an opioid overdose requiring naloxone antidote administration, and if they sign informed written consent to the study. Subjects are randomized by ambulance staff to either an active intervention, or a ...

Phase N/A

Ethanol and Cannabinoid Effects on Simulated Driving and Related Cognition: Substudy III

To study the effects of ethanol clamped at BAC 0.04% (equivalent to consuming approximately 2 drinks over 1 hour) and oral Dronabinol (10 mg capsule) on driving.


New Approaches to Smoking Cessation in Heavy Drinkers

The purpose of the proposed project is to develop and test a 12-week integrated cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention for smoking and alcohol (SA) + varenicline (Chantix) among heavy drinking smokers (i.e., CBT for SA). The project involves two phases. In Phase 1, an open-label pre-pilot study of CBT for SA ...


Brain Electrophysiological Study(EEG/ERP) on Opiate Addicts Treating by Bilateral NAc/ALIC Deep Brain Stimulation

Effective treatments for severe drug addiction are limited. China centers employing compulsory detoxification, reported a 3 year abstinence rate of only 15%. For the methadone maintenance therapy, relapse often occurs promptly after cessation of methadone. A Malaysian reports about taking naltrexone or buprenorphine treating,showed average relapsed time of 2 or ...

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