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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Clinical Trials

A listing of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (443) clinical trials

The Efficacy of Dietary Flaxseed for the Reduction of Blood Pressure in Newly Diagnosed Hypertensive Individuals

This trial is a phase II/III, randomized, double-blinded, controlled clinical trial to determine the efficacy of dietary flaxseed as a therapeutic strategy to reduce blood pressure in newly diagnosed hypertensive individuals. The aim of the trial is to recruit 100 participants that have been clinically diagnosed with hypertension within 6 ...


Self-management of Blood Pressure Medication for Hypertensive Veterans

Project background: Recent literature from the UK (TASMIN2 and TASMIN-SR trials) have suggested that patient-driven self-management of blood pressure medications can be effective in achieving hypertension control, but questions remain as to how to apply these findings to a US population. The VA Healthcare System is an ideal system in ...

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Optimal Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Targets for Preventing Recurrent Stroke in Hypertensives

ESH-CHL-SHOT will randomize about 7500 participants aged > or = 65 years with SBP > or = 140 mmHg or antihypertensive therapy, who have presented a stroke or TIA, within 1 to 6 months before randomization. The trial will investigate the effects of randomization to antihypertensive treatment of different intensities, ...


Early Vascular Adjustments During Hypertensive Pregnancy

Paradoxical fetal and maternal results of studies have led to inconsistent use of antihypertensive drugs or no treatment at all in mild to moderate gestational hypertension in the Netherlands. However, none of the studies have taken the individual maternal circulatory state or the contemplated blood pressure response into account. Hypertension ...


Does Benign Prostatic Obstruction Cause Hypertension?

The known correlation between benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and hypertension could be explained by 3 theoretical pathway models. Whether hypertension causes BPH, BPH causes hypertension or the two are caused by a common factor is currently unknown. In this study it will be investigated whether hypertension is due to the ...

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Treatment of Hypertension: an Interventional Approach to Improve Blood Pressure Control

More than 1 billion people world wide suffer from hypertension (HT), leaving it the worlds top rank risk factor and contributor to global disease burden. Cardiac disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia are diseases related to HT with high economic burden on societies and each year 9.4 million people die ...

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Study 1: Effect of Minocycline Treatment on Drug-Resistant Hypertensive Patients

One hundred seventy-five (175) subjects who will be randomized to receive either Minocycline 100 mg or 200 mg b.i.d. (twice a day). At baseline, subjects will undergo blood tests (lipid panel, high sensitivity-C reactive protein, high sensitivity troponin, glucose, metabolic profile, lipid panel, Cystatin C, albumin and flow cytometry). Peripheral ...


Study 3: Minocycline Decreases Microglia Activation

This study will recruit 9 subjects from NCT02133885 who will agree to undergo additional autonomic testing and imaging studies at baseline and after 3-6 months of study treatment. Specialized imaging of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) scanning will be conducted at the Montreal ...


The Effectiveness of Smart Health Management Program for Patients With Chronic Illness

This study is to demonstrate that chronic disease patients (hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia) with ICT-based self-management and educational program can improve clinical outcomes and overall health status, including quality of life and health habits. In addition to the economic burden, people with chronic disease experience various psychosocial crises such as ...

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Pharmacokinetics of Understudied Drugs Administered to Children Per Standard of Care

The purpose of this study is to characterize the PK ( Pharmacokinetics) of understudied drugs administered to children per standard of care as prescribed by their treating caregiver. This will be accomplished by the collection of biological samples during the time of drug administration per standard of care as prescribed ...

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