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Birth Control Clinical Trials

A listing of Birth Control medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (14) clinical trials

The EPIC study will evaluate whether Implanon or Mirena IUD are effective at preventing pregnancy after their FDA approved durations. Study participation includes a baseline phone survey and phone surveys every 6 months for about 36 months. A $20 gift card is provided for each completed survey. Risks and benefits ...


YAZ Post Authorization Safety Study (PASS)/Post Authorization Efficacy Study (PAES) in China

The primary objective is to assess the safety profile of YAZ in Chinese women, including adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The secondary objectives are to investigate the rate of unintended pregnancies, the cycle control for subjects with and without preceding abortion, the bleeding pattern of subjects with and without preceding abortion ...


Contraceptive Efficacy Tolerance and Acceptability of a Benzalkonium Chloride Spermicide Cream In Women Aged Over 40 Years of Age

Not all contraceptive methods are appropriate for all situations, and the most appropriate method of birth control depends on the woman's overall health, her age, the frequency of her sexual activity, her sexual partners, her desire to have children in the future, and personal or family history of certain diseases. ...


Effectiveness of Prolonged Use of IUD/Implant for Contraception

This prospective cohort study will evaluate 675 LNG-IUD users and 675 Etonogestrel (ENG) Implant users who are within 6 months of expiration or beyond the end of the FDA-approved duration. Participants will be contacted via telephone and either scheduled to enroll in person or be mailed the consent form before ...


Changes in Oral Contraceptive Hormones After Gastric Bypass Surgery

This study will attempt to determine whether having gastric bypass surgery changes the way that the gut absorbs hormones from birth control pills. It is believed that, because gastric bypass surgery causes malabsorption of nutrients and some medications, the levels of birth control hormones after the surgery will be lower ...


A Study to Compare the Menstrual Bleeding Profile Among Jaydess and Copper Intrauterine Device (IUD) Users. COLIBRI STUDY (Copper and Levonorgestrel IUD Barcelona Research Initiative).

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term birth control method that has demonstrated high contraceptive efficacy and effectiveness due to its high compliance, adherence and persistence of use. The IUD has a global prevalence rate around 14% in women of reproductive age. Side effects are the main reason for IUD ...


Sayana Press UK Self-Injection Study

A one-year evaluation of Sayana Press self injection in women of reproductive age in the United Kingdom (UK).


Effect of Anti-epileptic Drugs on Etonogestrel-releasing Implant Pharmacokinetics in Women With Epilepsy

Data on the interaction between the etonogestrel (ENG) implant and antiepileptic drug (AED) regimen are scarce. We will evaluated the effect of 2 AED regimens (1 including carbamazepine and the other topiramate) on the pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters of an ENG-releasing implant in women with epilepsy.


Synthetic vs Natural Estrogen in Combined Oral Contraception

The main objective of the study is to compare the metabolic effects of natural estradiol and synthetic ethinylestradiol used in combined oral contraception in healthy women. A progestin-only preparation will be used in comparison. The main goal is to study the effects on glucose metabolism, coagulation and a markers of ...


Impact of Combined Hormonal Contraceptives on UPA

Emergency contraception (EC) provides women with an additional line of defense against unintended pregnancy during an act of unprotected intercourse. An antiprogestin, ulipristal acetate (UPA; ellaTM), has emerged as one of the most effective oral options. However, there is currently a lack of information regarding the practical use of UPA. ...