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Inflammation Clinical Trials

A listing of Inflammation medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (945) clinical trials

The Role of Physical Activity During Pregnancy on Metabolic Function Inflammation and Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes

Maternal obesity is a significant public health concern in the United States as one in three women enter pregnancy obese, and maternal obesity is associated with a large number of unfavorable maternal and neonatal outcomes. Fortunately, a physically active lifestyle during pregnancy has been shown to improve unfavorable outcomes often ...

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Understanding Coagulation and Inflammation in Burns

Trauma injury is the leading cause of death in people 1-44 years old in the US. Burn injury is a particularly debilitating form of trauma. In the U.S. the incidence of burn injury is estimated to be greater than 2 million cases per year. Burns account for ~ 300,000 deaths ...

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Vibrent Smartphone Mobile Application

The proposed study will evaluate the feasibility of the VibrentTM smartphone application to evaluate radiation-induced mucositis pain "out of the clinic" and it's ability to enhance adherence to the prophylactic pain management algorithm. Successful completion of the proposed study will provide the foundation upon which a randomized trial can be ...

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Adipose Tissue and Serum Inflammation in GH Deficiency

The GH axis has important influences on adipose tissue. Preliminary data from the investigators' study in acromegaly, a state of GH excess, suggests that GH reduces adipose tissue (AT) mass and serum inflammation. However, GH seems to reduce macrophage markers in adipose tissue yet increase adipocyte inflammation. This novel dissociation ...

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Deployment-Related Lung Disease Research Database and Biorepository

If informed consent is obtained, test results and other information collected for clinical reasons will be entered in a research database designed and maintained by DEOHS staff. The clinical data collected are part of the routine diagnosis and care of these patients. No additional procedures are required for the purpose ...

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Anxiety Inflammation and Stress

Marijuana use is on the rise with the number of adults reporting medical and recreational use doubling in the past decade. Among adult medical marijuana users, 39% report using marijuana for the purposes of self-treating or coping with anxiety. Marijuana is approved for medical use in over half the states ...

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Personalised Risk Assessment in Febrile Illness to Optimise Real-life Management Across the European Union (PERFORM)

The problem to be addressed: Fever is among the commonest symptoms for which parents consult health care providers worldwide. Distinction between life-threatening bacterial infection and viral infection is clinically difficult, and many children worldwide receive unnecessary antibiotic treatment, or undergo invasive investigations and hospitalization, whilst bacterial infection is missed in ...

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The Use of Air Cleaners to Mitigate Cardiopulmonary Health Impact of Indoor Exposure to Particles and Phthalates

The randomized double-blind crossover trial includes two cohorts with different intervention and health examination settings and will be conducted in Beijing, China between November 2017-May 2018. The first cohort will include 70 healthy college students who live in school dormitories, which were randomized into two dormitory groups to receive either ...

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Probiotic Visbiome for Inflammation and Translocation in HIV II

Modern antiretroviral therapy (ART) has transformed the clinical care and lived experience of HIV infection. However, increased rates of adverse health conditions that are related to immune activation, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and neurodegenerative disease in ART-treated individuals persist. An important cause of this inflammation is the gut CD4 ...


Study of the Hummingbird TTS Tympanostomy Tube System

The study will be a multi-site, prospective, treatment-only post-market study of the H-TTS. The study will be performed in a commercial environment. Patients will already have a scheduled tympanostomy procedure with the H-TTS under moderate sedation and local anesthetic. A minimum of one hundred-sixty-seven (167) subjects will be included in ...

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