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Inflammation Clinical Trials

A listing of Inflammation medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (898) clinical trials

An Imaging Study Using PET/CT to Characterize the Effect of Intravenous Reslizumab on Airway Inflammation

This is an exploratory study with the primary objectives to 1) establish that PET/CT of the lung can reliably distinguish healthy, non-asthmatic volunteers from patients with asthma and an eosinophilic phenotype and 2) to examine the utility of PET/CT for demonstrating that reslizumab produces a reduction in lung inflammation in ...


Immunological and Regenerative Implications of Corrosion of Dental Materials in Children and Adolescents

During orthodontic treatment intraoral corrosion results with release of nickel and titanium ions from orthodontic appliances in surrounding tissues. Those transported in the saliva and blood may cause a series of side effects from hypersensitivity reactions and soft tissue proliferation to cyto and genotoxicity. Nickel is one of the strongest ...


PRINT Trial (Platelet Rich Injection vs Needle Tenotomy)

The objective of our study is to determine if percutaneous needle tenontomy is superior to platelet rich plasma for the treatment of chronic tendinosis. Diagnosis of tendinosis will be confirmed utilizing ultrasound diagnostic criteria similar to past published studies. The study will be a prospective single blinded study utilizing sham ...

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Endodontic Medications for Irreversible Pulpitis: Articaine or Eugenol?

In irreversible pulpitis of the mature permanent tooth, the enrolled patients receive endodontic medications (Eugenol or Articaine) in order to determine which one is the more efficient to control the pain. These patients would have received the same medication without this study. That's why this is an obsevationnal study.

Phase N/A

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Using Natural Orfices

This is an observational study of pain and outcomes from females undergoing transvaginal NOTES removal of their appendix or gallbladder. Female subjects who elect to have a transvaginal NOTES removal of their appendix or gallbladder and agree to be in this study (through signature on the informed consent form) will ...

Phase N/A

Long-Term Study of Liver Disease in People With Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C With or Without HIV Infection

Chronic hepatitis is a major health problem with hepatitis B virus (HBV) affecting upwards of 350 million people worldwide and over one million in the United States, while hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects as many as 70-130 million people worldwide, and approximately 4.1 million (1.6% of the US population) in ...

Phase N/A

A Real World Observational Registry of Chronic Wounds and Ulcers

This is a longitudinal, observational study of chronic wounds and ulcers treated at participating hospital based, outpatient wound centers. Data collection began in 2005. Structured data are collected at the point of care in the patient electronic health record and data from all patients at more than 100 wound centers ...

Phase N/A

The Relation Between Adiposity Inflammation Glycaemia and Iron Absorption

Obese subjects with central and peripheral obesity During the first phase, overweight/obese subjects with a BMI 28-35 Kg/m2 will be invited to a screening. At the screening, anthropometrics (weight, height, waist circumference) and body composition (using BIA and DEXA) will be measured. Based on the subject's distribution of body fat, ...

Phase N/A

The Role of Large Artery Plaque Imaging Features in Predicting Inflammation and Cognition

This research is directed at a major stroke source, the carotid artery, a major vessel that supplies blood to the brain. It has long been known that carotid narrowing is an important stroke risk factor. However, many patients with narrow carotids do not have strokes, and many patients with seemingly ...


Safety & Effectiveness of Autologous Regenerative Cell Therapy on Pain & Inflammation of Osteoarthritis of the Hip

This is a prospective open-label clinical study of 50 patients to determine safety and treatment potential of autologous cell therapy for pain and inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis of the hip. Follow-up will consist of a larger sample including 4,000 patients. Patients will be treated for Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip ...