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Inflammation Clinical Trials

A listing of Inflammation medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (874) clinical trials

Myocarditis Registry for Children and Adolescents - MYKKE

MYKKE is a long-term prospective registry providing a core platform for clinical research studies, which can be attached in a modular fashion. After a six-month pilot phase including 8 centers, the basic registry was opened in June 2014 to all hospitals in Germany treating patients with paediatric heart disease. While ...

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Frequent Ketamine Use and Gastrointestinal Liver and Biliary Sequelae

The recreational use of psychotropic drugs has been increasing over the past 2 decades in Hong Kong. Ketamine hydrochloride is currently one of the most popular recreational drugs in Hong Kong, and its recreational use is also increasing in the United Kingdom and Europe. Inhalation of ketamine could result in ...

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The Effect of Exercise on Physical Function and Health in Older People After Discharge From Hospital

Older people who have been hospitalized often experience loss of function, increased risk of falls and reduced health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in the post-discharge period. The reason for this is the cumulative effect of illness, bedrest during hospital stay and inactivity after discharge. Previous research indicates that exercise therapy ...

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Complex Effects of Dietary Manipulation on Metabolic Function Inflammation and Health

Obesity is associated with a constellation of cardiometabolic abnormalities (including insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure and dyslipidemia) that are risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, not all people experience the typical "complications" associated with obesity. Approximately 25% of obese people are protected from the adverse metabolic effects of ...

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The Nor-Hand Study

The Nor-Hand study is a hospital-based observational study including 300 patients with evidence of hand OA by ultrasound and/or clinical examination. The baseline examination (2016-17) consists of functional tests and joint assessment of the hands, medical assessment, pain sensitization tests, ultrasound (hands, acromioclavicular joint, hips, knees and feet), computer tomography ...

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Intra-abdominal View and Inflammatory Markers in Secondary Peritonitis - Correlation to Recovery

The purpose of this study is to analyze the correlation between intra-abdominal view and patient recovery in secondary peritonitis, and to create a new classification based on these results. Additionally, a variety of inflammatory markers from blood samples will be collected in order to analyze their correlation with patient outcomes.

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Open Label Study of Acthar SQ Gel Injection in Patients With Active Anterior Uveitis

Patients eligible for the study will be identified by the investigators and given a copy of the consent form to read. Patients interested in enrolling will be screened and if eligible will be enrolled in the study. The screening visit and the baseline visit may occur on the same day. ...


Impact of Ageing on Adipose Muscle and Systemic Inflammation

Adipose tissue is a highly dynamic organ that produces a wide array of adipokines which can affect the function of other tissues throughout the body. The physiology of adipose tissue is a relatively new and exciting area of research and researchers are learning more about its complexity, in particular the ...

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To Identify Persons Who Are Susceptible to WSP-induced Inflammation and Examine the Role of GSTM1 and Other Factors in This Susceptibility

Particulate matter (PM) is a leading cause of respiratory tract and cardiovascular disease in the United States and world-wide. Wood smoke particles (WSP) derived from wild land and other fires account for a significant fraction of ambient air PM. Health effects associated with WSP include acute bronchitis, asthma exacerbation, pneumonia, ...

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Evaluation of Innovative Tools in Development of Antibiotics

The investigators will determine the difference of pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin and imipenem between healthy volunteers and intensive care patients suffering from pneumonia in plasma and at the target site - lung - using bronchoalveolar lavage. As additional aspect the feasibility of combining microdosing of C14 ciprofloxacin with microdialysis, saliva sampling ...