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Anesthesia Clinical Trials

A listing of Anesthesia medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


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Postoperative Pain and Discomfort After Oculoplastic Surgery

The purpose of this study is to evaluate patients under oculoplastic surgery over 16 years old of the postoperative pain and discomfort after general anesthesia , using flurbiprofen axetil or nalbuphine administration, and to analyze the related factors of pain and discomfort after operation.

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The Analgesic Efficacy of the Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Articular Branch Block for Ambulatory Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical technique that is gaining popularity for its diagnostic and therapeutic role in the management of adult hip pain. This procedure is frequently associated with severe post-operative pain despite the practice of injecting the hip joint with local anesthetics at the end of the procedure and ...

Phase N/A

Manual Versus Targer-controll Infusion in Reduction of Awareness and Dreaming

Awareness is possible in TIVA in case of technical failure or prolonged induction phase, TCI technology seems to prevent these events. Total of 80 patients planed for elective neurosurgical brain tumor resection fulfilling the inclusion criteria will be devided into two groups. First half will be anesthetized using TIVA with ...

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Efficacy of the C8 Nerve Root Block During Interscalene Block for Anesthesia of the Posterior Aspect of the Shoulder

By blocking only the 5th to 7th cervical nerve blocks, conventional interscalene brachial plexus block spares the 8th cervical and 1st thoracic dermatomes which innervate the posterior aspect of the shoulder. To visualize the shoulder joint space during shoulder arthroscopic surgery, the introduction of a posterior portal is essential. However, ...

Phase N/A

Safety of Local Dental Anesthesia in Patients With Cardiac Channelopathies

Patients of Heart Institute of the University of So Paulo with inherited cardiac channelopathies will be included, considering the criteria for inclusion and non-inclusion, after reading and signing the informed consent. They will undergo dental restorative treatment in two sessions, in the morning period, with an interval of at least ...

Phase N/A

Comparison Between Desarda and Lichtenstein's Technique for Inguinal Hernia Repair Under Local Anaesthesia

Inguinal hernia is one of the most common treatable surgical conditions. The synthetic prostheses most often used in the inguinal area may in some cases create new clinical problems, such as foreign body sensation in the groin, discomfort, and abdominal wall stiffness, surgical site infections, migration of mesh and may ...

Phase N/A

Optimized Oxygen Delivery During General Anesthesia in Newborn Infants

Eligible infants are infants of less than 44 weeks postconceptional age and without pulmonary disease or demand for supplemental oxygen or assisted ventilation. Control subjects receive current standard of care (anesthesia induction/pre-oxygenation with 80%, maintenance of anesthesia with 40%, and recovery with 80% inspired oxygen). Intervention subjects are maintained on ...

Phase N/A

1-1-8 Wash-in for Sevoflurane Low Flow Anesthesia

The benefits of low flow anesthesia are economic, less pollution, more heat and humidity preservation but it requires appropriate wash-in phase. The current wash-in protocols for sevoflurane are complicated and time consuming. The investigators propose a new 1-1-8 sevoflurane wash-in protocol which is more simple and predictable. The objective of ...

Phase N/A

Mcgrath Videolaryngoscope Versus Macintosh Laryngoscope in Patients With Manual In-line Stabilization

In the operating room, all patients are monitored with an electrocardiograph, noninvasive blood pressure, pulse oximeter, capnograph and Bispectral index (BIS) monitor. After pre-oxygenation with 100% oxygen for 1 minute, intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) with propofol and remifentanyl is administrated and followed by rocuronium (0.6mg/kg). When patients are lost their consciousness, ...

Phase N/A

Preventive Intramuscular Phenylephrine Versus Placebo in Elective Cesarean Section Under Spinal Anesthesia

Hypotension often occurred in parturients undergoing cesarean section in spinal anesthesia. This study aims to determine whether preventive intramuscular phenylephrine can better the fetal acid-base state and maternal hemodynamics.

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