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Acute Pain Clinical Trials

A listing of Acute Pain medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


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Understanding the Pathophysiology of Migraine Pain

The goals of the current study will be to demonstrate time-linked headache pain after super-selectively administration of vasodilatory medications to external carotid artery branches, and then observe vessel changes and presumed headache relief with transient occlusion of the same vessel. This work will be the first study to attempt to ...

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Prehospital Translation of Chest Pain Tools

To accomplish our Specific Aims the study team proposes a prospective, observational pilot study of four rapid risk stratification tools, the HEART Pathway Score, EDACS score, revised Geneva score, and PERC score, among 250 chest pain patients within two large EMS systems. The proposed pilot study has broad-based support from ...

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Chronic Lumbosacral Radiculopathy: Impact of an Analgesic Dietary Intervention on Pain & Function

Lumbar radiculopathy is a fairly common pain syndrome which may result in chronic, severe disability. There are few successful treatment options for patients with persistent lumbosacral radicular pain (LRP) that does not respond to conventional approaches. A fundamental biologic mechanism of chronic LRP, as well as other chronic pain syndromes, ...

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Brain Mechanisms Supporting Meditation-based Analgesia

Mindfulness meditation, significantly reduces pain in experimental and clinical settings. Although findings from this laboratory provide novel insights into some of the brain mechanisms supporting the modulation of pain by meditation , the specific analgesic mechanisms engaged during mindfulness meditation remain poorly characterized. To date, there are no studies that ...

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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of the Therapeutic Bandage Method in Third Molar Surgery

Extraction of third molars is the procedure of oral and maxillofacial surgery most commonly performed around the world, usually at the outpatient level. Its execution may result in the appearance of reversible and / or irreversible disorders, but the most observed signs and symptoms are pain, edema and trismus to ...

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Femoral Nerve Blockade in Endovenous Laser

Varicose veins affect a majority of adult population in the western world. They decrease quality of life and may also cause venous ulcers. Therefore varicose vein treatments are justified. Thanks to technical advancement open surgery has been replaced By endovenous means. Currently endovenous thermal ablation is a golden standard for ...

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Use of a Support Bra to Reduce Pain and Improve Surgical Healing in Women Undergoing Sternotomy for Cardiac Surgery

Participants will be randomized to one arm of the study. One group will be fitted for a support bra and will be asked to wear this bra 24 hours a day for their 6 week post-course. They will submit to 3 questionnaires (at hospital discharge, at 3 weeks post-op and ...

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Optimal Management of Pain in Hospitalized Patients - Opioid Tolerant Populations.

Pain is a symptom that drives hospital admissions, and pain management is required by most patients during their hospital stay. Further, the use of medications such as opioids can lead to upward-spiraling doses, especially among chronic pain patients whose resource utilization rates are high. Many initiatives aim to reduce the ...

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Discomfort During Intravenous Cannulation in an Emergency Department: Impact of Communication

A medical or surgical emergency is a stressful life event. An emergency department is also a noisy and sometimes chaotic environment, contributing in itself to increase the anxiety related to the primary cause of the emergency consultation. Some common medical procedures, such as placing an intravenous catheter, may not only ...

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The Alcohol-Pain Connection: Mechanisms and Genetic/Psychological Correlates

The societal impact of heavy alcohol consumption and chronic pain is substantial and warrants the existing research investment into their etiology and treatment. Moreover, evidence of significant co-occurrence between these conditions offers an opportunity to examine mechanisms in the alcohol-pain connection that may inform the development of novel treatments. Consistent ...

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