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Affective Disorders Clinical Trials

A listing of Affective Disorders medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (355) clinical trials

Internet Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care

Over a third of individuals with bipolar spectrum disorders (BP) are treated exclusively in primary care settings, and yet, primary care providers (PCPs) are ill-equipped to manage this complex and disabling illness. Medications, which can be prescribed by PCPs, hasten recovery from illness and improve long-term course of illness for ...

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Compassion Focused Therapy for Distressing Experiences

This study aims to develop and test the feasibility of a new therapy called Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for psychosis. This therapy helps people with psychosis manage distressing experiences by building internal feelings of safeness and affiliation, and by providing contexts, practices and insights that facilitate the development of compassion ...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Phobia in People With Bipolar Disorder

Social phobia is a very prevalent anxiety disorder in people with bipolar disorder and is associated with adverse outcomes. Yet, social phobia is treatable by cognitive behavioural therapy or antidepressant medication. As antidepressants are often contra-indicated in people with bipolar disorder, cognitive behavioural therapy is the likely first choice treatment ...

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Effects of Erythropoietin for Cognitive Side-effects of ECT

The trial will include patients with a diagnosis of major depression (MDD) unipolar disorder (UD) or bipolar disorder (BD) with a current moderate to severe depressive episode symptoms (a score of >17 on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 17-items (HRDS-17) scheduled for ECT treatment. Patients will be recruited from Psychiatric ...


A 8-weeks Study to Evaluate the Probiotics Treatment in Prevention and Intervention of Weight-gain and Cognitive Impairment of First Episode Schizophrenia

In this study, the investigators will evaluate the efficacy, safety and related mechanism of probiotics as a add-on treatment in improving the antipsychotic induced weight gain, the cognitive impairment, and psychotic syndrome in first episode schizophrenia patients. The study will recruit 40 first episode schizophrenia patients who meet the criteria ...

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fMRI of Flight of Ideas in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental disease characterized by mood dysregulation and arises from manic, depressive or mixed episodes. During these episodes, formal thought disorders are observed, associated to emotional perturbation, behaviour troubles and some psychotic symptoms. During mania, the type of thought disorders observed are derailment, flight of ideas, with ...

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A Controlled Study With Remote Web-based Adapted Physical Activity (e-APA) in Psychotic Disorders

The main objective is to demonstrate that APA can improve cerebral plasticity in patients with schizophrenic or schizoaffective disorders (SCZ), reflected by an increase in the overall volume of hippocampus. The secondary objectives will also be to assess the impact of APA on the SCZ compared to the HV on ...

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Gao NARASD Lithium Study

This study is a 4-month open-label study of lithium in the acute treatment of patients with bipolar I or II disorder. Eligible patients will receive lithium 300 mg twice daily and titrated in 300 mg increments every 7 days as tolerated to levels > 0.6 mEq/L. Blood samples are collected ...


Pregnant Women Taking Lamictal for Bipolar Disorder

There is an increased risk of recurrence of Bipolar Disorder (BD) episodes or worsening symptoms in pregnancy after the discontinuation of mood stabilizers. Similarly, changes in medication concentration due to the physiological changes in pregnancy may effectively reduce the medication dose and thus its efficacy in pregnancy. Therapeutic dose monitoring ...

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Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training in Early Onset Psychosis

Early-onset of psychotic disorders (EOP), and especially Schizophrenia, is associated with a worse clinical and psychosocial evolution than in the adult form of the illness. In the case of patients with EOP, international and national clinical guidelines recommend the combination of pharmacological treatment with CBT. However there are not any ...

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