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Functional Dyspepsia Clinical Trials

A listing of Functional Dyspepsia medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (17) clinical trials

Influence of Bile Acids on Bacterial Uptake in Functional Dyspepsia

The participants will be expected on the department endoscopy of the University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium. They are asked to fill in a bundle of questionnaires concerning physical complaints, depression, anxiety (disturbances), pain/disease, body/interoceptive awareness, trauma/abuse and personality. Endoscopy will be performed and up to 8 biopsies will be obtained ...

Phase N/A

Endoscopic Tri-Modal Imaging to Distinguish Functional Dyspepsia From Reflux Disease

Functional dyspepsia (FD) and acid/bile reflux disease are common. These diseases share similar clinical manifestations. Individuals with functional dyspepsia (FD) often present upper abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating, early satiety, loss of appetite, and no organic factors underlie it. Individuals suffering from acid/bile reflux disease often complain heartburn, upper abdominal ...

Phase N/A

Efficacy and Safety of DWJ1252 in the Treatment of Functional Dyspepsia (PART 2)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of DWJ1252 in treatment of Functional Dyspepsia.


Efficacy of Open Label Placebo in Children With FGIDs

The purpose of this research study is to see if prescribing an open label placebo to children with functional gastrointestinal disorders will help improve symptoms and their overall quality of life. Open label means you/your child are aware you are taking liquid placebo drops and not an active medication. Symptoms ...

Phase N/A

SSRI Study for Functional Dyspepsia (SS)

Baseline assessment: Demographic: age, gender Anthropometric measurements: body mass index, height, weight and waist circumference FGI Screening Questionnaire (v.3, 20101011) for screening of functional gastrointestinal disorder according to Rome III criteria. Duration of dyspeptic symptoms will be recorded A combined Functional GI symptom Questionnaire (FGISQ) (version: FGISQ 20110504) based on ...


Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs) on Gastric Emptying

The normal control subjects will be randomized to receive either amitriptyline or desipramine as the tricyclic antidepressant agent, with 30 subjects per group. Subjects will undergo two outpatient gastric emptying/volume tests and two satiety tests; one of each after 7 days of treatment with oral consumption of the study agent ...

Phase N/A

Mipolixin Compared to Poliprotect in Moderate Functional Dyspepsia and Heartburn.

Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of two medical devices, Mipolixin and Poliprotect, in improving the overall symptom severity of functional dyspesia and/or heartburn

Phase N/A