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Liver Metastases Clinical Trials

A listing of Liver Metastases medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (83) clinical trials

HIPEC For Peritoneal Surface Malignancies Including Carcinomatosis or Sarcomatosis Data Registry

Patient Selection: The sole inclusion criteria for this study will be those consenting patients who are to undergo cytoreductive surgery followed by HIPEC. Data Collection and Use Plan: For those patients who provide informed consent, data listed below will be collected during and after treatment. This will be entered into ...

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Short Course Radiotherapy Combined With Chemotherapy in Stage IV Rectal Cancer With Resectable Liver Metastases

Patients with rectal cancer and resectable liver metastases receive 25 Gy in 5 fractions of 5 Gy over 5 days to the pelvis and XELOX consolidating chemotherapy (with or without target therapy) al least 4 cycles after 2 weeks. After evaluation, patients with resectable rectal cancer and liver metastasis will ...


Copper Cu 64 Anti-CEA Monoclonal Antibody M5A PET in Diagnosing Patients With CEA Positive Cancer

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To determine the ability of 64Cu labeled M5A antibody (copper Cu 64 anti-CEA monoclonal antibody M5A) to localize CEA positive cancers (such as gastrointestinal, lung, medullary thyroid and breast cancers), as determined by PET imaging. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To characterize the frequency of titer of the human ...

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Liver Transplantation in Patients With Unresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases Treated by Chemotherapy

Liver transplantation (LT) has recently been proposed as alternative treatment for definitively unresectable colorectal liver metastases in selected patients with a 60% estimated survival at 5 years in a recent prospective Norwegian study. However, disease free survival (DFS) in this preliminary study has been poor with 90% of recurrence after ...


Clinical Intervention Modelling Planning and Proof for Ablation Cancer Treatment

This ClinicIMPPACT proposal builds upon the success of the IMPPACT project (Grant No. 223877, completed in February 2012), which created a model for facilitating more accurate RFA treatment. This preliminary RFA model was tested in swine, with extensive histological workup, and in a clinical simulation study based on patient data, ...

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In Vivo Lung Perfusion for Pulmonary Metastases of Sarcoma

Sarcoma which has spread to the lungs is most often treated with surgery. Even with surgery, most patients will not be cured and will die from their disease, probably because of small cancer cells that are present in the lungs at the time of surgery, but cannot be seen or ...


Integrative Analysis of CRC Liver Metastasis

The investigators will analyzed proteomes of paired normal colorectal tissues and colorectal cancer (CRC) with or without liver metastasis, sequenced transcriptomes, performed whole exome sequencing, and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array profiling for triplets, each comprising normal colorectal tissue, primary colorectal carcinoma, and its synchronous matched liver metastasis, as well ...

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Multimodal Assessment of Liver Volume and Function

In liver surgery peroperative assessment och the future liver remnant (FLR) is pivotal in order to avoid posthepatectomy liver failure. To date this is mainly performed by measuring the volume of the FLR. Of course FLR volume acts as a surrogate measure of FLR function and the correlation between volume ...

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Resection Versus Microwave Ablation for Resectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases

This single-center, prospective, randomized clinical trial is designed to compare the clinical characteristics and outcomes of hepatic resection and microwave ablation (MWA) to determine the optimal operative intervention for the local treatment of resectable colorectal cancer liver metastases. The primary aim of this study is to test the following hypothesis: ...

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An Evaluation of Tilmanocept by IV Injection Using SPECT/CT vs PET Imaging in Subjects With Liver Metastases.

This is a prospective, open-label, single-center, comparator study of IV injected Tc 99m Tilmanocept in the localization and detection of liver metastases in subjects with confirmed CRC. The study will be divided into two cohorts. This study is designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of Tc 99m tilmanocept administered ...