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Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 Clinical Trials

A listing of Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (323) clinical trials

Repository of Novel Analytes Leading to Autoimmune Inflammatory and Diabetic Nephropathies (RENAL AID)

RENAL AID is designed as an inclusive data and tissue repository that is capable of linking demographic, clinical, laboratory, histology, genetic and radiographic data into one interconnected electronic data collection instrument. It is hypothesized that by linking these typically disconnected data components into a single electronic repository, RENAL AID will ...

Phase N/A

Day and Night Closed-loop in Young People With Type 1 Diabetes

Purpose of the study: To determine whether 24/7 automated closed-loop glucose control will improve glucose control as measured by glycated haemoglobin and reduce the burden of hypoglycaemia compared to insulin pump therapy alone. Study Objectives: EFFICACY: The objective is to assess efficacy of day and night automated closed-loop glucose control ...

Phase N/A

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are collected from autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells and allogeneic umbilical cord tissue (UC-MSC). 15 patients with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus will be enrolled and will receive MSCs by intravenous infusion. They were followed up for 6 months after transplantation. Safety is to assess the occurrence ...


Treatment of Type I Diabetes by Islet Transplantation Into the Gastric Submucosa Study Protocol

Pancreatic islet transplantation offers a minimally invasive approach to restore normoglycemia in type 1 diabetics while avoiding the hypoglycemic complications observed with intensive insulin therapy and the surgical complications associated with pancreas transplantation. Although significant progress has been made in clinical islet transplantation, overall outcomes remain suboptimal since many patients ...


Glucagon Infusion in T1D Patients With Recurrent Severe Hypoglycemia: Effects on Counter-Regulatory Responses

This is a prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blind, parallel 4-group trial with the primary analysis after 4 weeks of treatment with continuous subcutaneous glucagon infusion (CSGI) or placebo. After a 1-week qualification on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), subjects will have their baseline hypoglycemia counter-regulatory response hormones quantified using a step-wise hypoglycemia ...


Comparison of Three Lancing Devices Regarding Capillary Blood Volume and Lancing Pain Intensity.

A randomized single-blind study with the use of three lancing devices equipped with personal lancets. Every device will be studied for three lancet sizes: 28G, 30G, and 33G with the minimum and maximum puncture depth setting.

Phase N/A

Carbohydrate-based Strategies to Prevent Exercise-induced Hypoglycemia

To prevent hypoglycemia during prolonged exercise (>30 minutes), additional carbohydrate intake is frequently required. Carbohydrate intake required will vary with insulin regimens, timing and type of exercise as well as starting blood glucose level. In addition to the amount of carbohydrate ingested, the timing of carbohydrate intake could also have ...

Phase N/A

Surgery Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients With Grade 1 Obesity and Overweight

A clinical trial, 1-arm treatment (Duodenal Ileal Interposition with Sleeve Gastrectomy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus), including 50 research subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity class I or overweight. The main objective is to analyse the effect on glycemic control after 2 years of follow-up.

Phase N/A

Optimising Health in Type 1 Diabetes

The rationale for this study is to determine whether a diet based on recent scientific advances in diet-induced inflammation, will improve diabetes care in people with type 1 diabetes.

Phase N/A

Clinical Study to Evaluate the Bio-Psychosocial Impact of Mobile App for Diabetes Type 1 ("SOCIAL DIABETES")

Randomized study in people with type 1 diabetes in intensive insulin therapy MDI with analogues and with HbA1c> 7% to the usual clinical follow-up options (CG) vs use of Social Diabetes App (GI) for 6 months. The current clinical research project considers the effectiveness of a free diabetes app with ...

Phase N/A