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Endometriosis Clinical Trials

A listing of Endometriosis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (12) clinical trials

We are currently looking for study participants who have been surgically diagnosed with Endometriosis within the past 10 years.


Dopamine Receptor Agonist Therapy for Pain Relief in Women Suffering From Endometriosis: A Pilot Study

The proposed pilot study will estimate the efficacy and safety of a novel therapeutic agent, cabergoline, with a clinical standard therapy, norethindrone acetate, for the treatment of endometriosis-associated pain in young women with endometriosis.


Vorinostat (SAHA) in Uterine Sarcoma

This is an open-label, single arm, proof of concept-study of the HDAC-inhibitor vorinostat in patients with refractory uterine sarcoma that have been pre-tested for an high expression of HDAC. Patients will receive Vorinostat, 400 mg (4 capsules 100mg of Zolinza) orally once daily for the first 14 days of a ...


Green Tea for Endometriosis

Women with endometrioma will be randomised into either the experimental group or the placebo comparator group in a 1:1 ratio. The subjects will be given SUNPHENON EGCg or placebo for 3 months prior to their planned surgery.


Surgicel Reduces Ovarian Endometriomas Recurrence

Two hundred women aged from 20 to 35 years undergoing conservative laparoscopic treatment of ovarian endometriomas (either by drainage or cyst wall excision) were included. Participants were randomized into 4 groups; group A (drainage only) in which 50 patients underwent laparoscopic fenestration and electrocautery of the endometrioma cyst wall, group ...


Traditional Chinese Medicine Sequential Treatment for Endometriosis Associated Infertility

This study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, prospective clinical study, conducted in China (six research centers). 204 cases of patients with endometriosis-associated infertility confined with Syndrome of qi stagnation blood stasis pattern in TCM after conservative surgery will be recruited. Patients will be randomly divided into two groups: experimental ...


Adenomyosis and Ulipristal Acetate

After inclusion according to criteria, 2 arms : placebo and Ulipristal acetate (UA) 10mg with randomisation, 1 patient with placebo for 3 patients with UA. 48 patients will be included in this trial. The end point will be the bleeding evaluated by Pictorial Blood-loss Assessment Chart (PBAC) score, the amenorrhea ...


Late Phase II Clinical Study of KLH-2109 in Patients With Endometriosis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and dose-response relationship of KLH-2109 compared to placebo in Japanese patients with endometriosis.


Open Label Immunotherapy of Endometriosis

Anatomically endometriosis is characterized by the presence of endometrial-type mucosa outside the uterine cavity. This tissue proliferates and causes chronic inflammation resulting in pain and excessive menstrual bleeding. Conventional treatment includes surgical and pharmacological therapy aiming at reducing painful symptoms. However, there is an unmet need in finding optimally safe ...


Assess Safety and Efficacy of Vilaprisan in Subjects With Endometriosis

The primary objective of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of two doses of vilaprisan compared to placebo in women with symptomatic endometriosis. The secondary objective of this study is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of two different doses of vilaprisan in women with symptomatic endometriosis.