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Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

A listing of Brain Tumor medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (567) clinical trials

Feasibility Study of Modified Atkins Ketogenic Diet in the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Malignant Glioma

The purpose of this research study is to see if people can produce ketones in their blood with the modified Atkins diet. Modified Atkins diet is a diet that produces ketones in your blood by restricting carbohydrates to <20 grams per day. Ketones are substances that are produced in the ...

Phase N/A

Phase I/II Study of Pazopanib+ Temozolomide in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme

Glioblastoma (GBM), the most common and most malignant primary brain tumor, represents a major medical challenge considering its extremely poor prognosis (Wen 2008). Current standard of care includes maximal surgical resection, followed by concomitant radio-chemotherapy (temozolomide - TMZ) (RT-CT) followed by 6 months of maintenance TMZ, with a median overall ...


Evaluation of Intra Axial Brain Masses Based on Magnetic Resonance in Adults

Although the Magnetic resonance imaging with contrast is the gold standard for diagnosis of intra axial brain masses. The conventional Magnetic resonance imaging appearances of intra axial brain masses can be non-specific and even the use of contrast agent is of limited benefit. Contrast enhancement reflects only disruption of blood ...

Phase N/A

SPECTAbrain: Screening Patients With Brain Tumors for Efficient Clinical Trial Access

The SPECTAbrain protocol describes a structure for screening patients with brain tumors to efficiently allocate eligible patients in relevant therapeutic biomarker-driven clinical trials. Efficiency is promoted through the creation of a clinical database of brain tumor patients and the respective human biological material biobank for molecular characterization. The main objectives ...

Phase N/A

Enhancing Optune Therapy With Targeted Craniectomy

The present study proposes a new and potentially superior clinical approach to Optune therapy of selected glioblastoma patients. The approach is based on combining TTFields with targeted surgical skull remodeling, such as minor craniectomy or a distribution of burr holes, designed for the individual patient. Pre-clinical modeling results suggest that ...


CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy in MUC1 Positive Solid Tumor

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CAR-T cell immunotherapy in patients with MUC1 positive relapsed or refractory solid tumor.


Anticoagulation in Cancer Related Stroke

Purpose: Cancer associated intravascular coagulopathy is the primary mechanism of cancer-related stroke, particularly in those without conventional stroke etiologies. Randomized clinical trials have investigated efficacy of vitamin K-dependent oral anticoagulant (warfarin), low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) and non-vitamin K-dependent oral anticoagulant (NOAC) for the prevention of systematic venous thromboembolism. However, relatively little ...

Phase N/A

A Study of the Gene Mutation Status in Cerebrospinal Fluid Blood and Tumor Tissue of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients With Brain Metastases

Primary lung cancer is one of the most common malignancies in China, with 57 percent of patients being diagnosed at advanced stage. At present, advanced lung cancer has entered the era of precise treatment. So it is very important to determine the gene mutation status of the tumor and prescribe ...

Phase N/A

TTFields In GErmany in Routine Clinical Care

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common malignant primary tumor of the brain. The current standard of care for patients with newly diagnosed GBM consists of maximal surgical resection, approx. 60 Gy of radiotherapy together with chemotherapy using temozolomide (TMZ), followed by maintenance TMZ for 6 months. This treatment scheme was ...

Phase N/A

Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) With Sorafenib for Breast Cancer Brain Metastases (BCBM)

Sorafenib is a new type of anti-cancer drug. It belongs to a new class of medications known as tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Sorafenib is thought to work against cancer in many ways. It helps decrease blood supply to the tumor. It also blocks some proteins that help the tumor cells to ...