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Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Trials

A listing of Metabolic Syndrome medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (9) clinical trials

NWT03 and Arterial Stiffness

Rationale: Subjects with the metabolic syndrome have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a twofold risk of developing hypertension. A functional food ingredient with the ability to improve arterial stiffness, microcirculation and/or the ability to reduce blood pressure could potentially contribute to the delay or prevention of a ...


Study of the Safety Tolerability and Efficacy of Metabolic Combination Treatments on Cancer

This is a real world study since this gives the best opportunity to properly examine the effect of multi-drug regimens in representative populations. Including a standard of care arm is inappropriate, in a population in which that standard of care has already been shown to be ineffective or intolerable. Patients ...


Effects of Pioglitazone Treatment on Sympathetic Nervous System Function in Metabolic Syndrome Obesity

The rapidly growing burden of obesity together with a population that is becoming older raises the importance of effective strategies for the primary prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome in order to combat the epidemic of type 2 diabetes and to reduce the increased risk of cardiovascular mortality. Increased ...


Testosterone Therapy in Men With Low Testosterone Levels and Metabolic Syndrome or Early Stages of Type 2 Diabetes

Background The metabolic syndrome constitutes a cluster of risk factors for cardiovascular disease with increased morbidity and mortality. In essence the metabolic syndrome is referred to as a concomitant occurrence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, impaired glucose tolerance with insulin resistance and abdominal obesity. The presence of abdominal obesity seems to be ...


SGA-induced Metabolic Syndrome in Bipolar Youth

This will be a two-phase study design: Phase I: to prospectively investigate the relationship between baseline LCn-3 fatty acid status and treatment-emergent adverse cardiometabolic events and weight gain in response to acute (6-week) open-label quetiapine in first-episode adolescent manic patients (ages 12-17 years). SGA-nave acutely manic patients will be treated ...


The Effect of IM Testosterone Undecanoate on Biochemical and Anthropometric Characteristics of Metabolic Syndrome in Hypogonadal Men

The objective of the study is to assess the effect of the testosterone therapy on the body composition, lipid and glucose metabolism, inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic syndrome and hypogonadism.


Combined Liraglutide and Metformin Therapy in Women With Previous Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Gestational diabetes is often the culmination of years of unrecognized and unmodified diabetes risk factors that lead to overt and occult clinical manifestations during pregnancy. . Despite the high and increasing rate of type 2 diabetes in Louisiana, the medical community does not have reliable estimates of the number of ...


Coronary Flow Reserve to Assess Cardiovascular Inflammation (CIRT-CFR)

Randomization and double-blind study treatment period to either placebo or LDM (1:1) of willing and eligible patients will occur at the end of the open label run-in phase per the parent CIRT protocol, and will be stratified by time since the qualifying event (< 6 or 6 months from the ...


Metformin and Dietary Restriction to Prevent Age-related Morbid Events in People With Metabolic Syndrome

Phase III randomized controlled trial on men and women with MetS to test the hypothesis that comprehensive life-style changes and/or metformin treatment prevent ArCD. Design 2x2 factorial: 2,000 volunteers will be randomized in four equal groups of 500 each, and allocated to the following treatments: METFORMIN (1700MG/DAY) + ACTIVE LIFESTYLE ...