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Crohn's Disease Clinical Trials

A listing of Crohn's Disease medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (25) clinical trials

A study of a triple combination therapy for individuals with high risk Crohn's Disease. REF: X04


Triple Combination Therapy in High Risk Crohn's Disease

The drug being tested in this study is called vedolizumab. Vedolizumab is being tested to treat people who have Crohn's Disease. This study will look at the endoscopic remission and mucosal healing of gastrointestinal tract of people who take vedolizumab as triple combination therapy with adalimumab and methotrexate. The study ...


Postmarketing Vedolizumab Milk-Only Lactation Study in Lactating Women With Active Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease

The drug being tested in this study is called vedolizumab. This post-marketing milk-only lactation study will assess concentrations of vedolizumab in breast milk of lactating women with active UC or CD who are receiving vedolizumab therapeutically. The study will enroll approximately 12 participants. All participants who received an established vedolizumab ...


Vedolizumab IV 300 mg in the Treatment of Fistulizing Crohn's Disease

The drug being tested in this study is called vedolizumab IV. Vedolizumab IV is being tested to treat people who have fistulizing CD. This study will look at fistula healing in people who take vedolizumab IV. The study will enroll approximately 100 patients. Participants will be randomly assigned (by chance, ...


GIS-SUSANTI-TNF-2015 (Anti-TNF Discontinuation )

A multicentre prospective randomized trial. Hypothesis The discontinuation of anti-TNF treatment in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients in clinical remission is associated with an increased risk of recurrence compared with maintaining such treatment. Main objective: To assess the percentage of patients with IBD who, after stopping anti-TNF treatment, have sustained ...


A proSpective Randomized Controlled Trial comParing infliximAb-antimetabolites Combination Therapy to Anti-metabolites monotheRapy and Infliximab monothErapy in Crohn's Disease Patients in Sustained Steroid-free Remission on Combination Therapy

3. STUDY OBJECTIVES 3.1. Primary objective To assess the effect of two withdrawal strategies over two years in patients with stable remission for more than 6 months on combination therapy with infliximab and antimetabolites, and demonstrate that continued combination of infliximab and antimetabolites or continued monotherapy with infliximab are both ...


Value of Pharmacokinetic Assays in the Prediction of Induction and Maintenance Therapeutic Response in Crohn's Disease

Vedolizumab (VDZ) is a monoclonal antibody that binds to the heterodimer alpha 4 beta 7 integrin and which has shown its efficacy in Crohn's disease by inducing and maintaining clinical response/remission. The French marketing authorization was obtained for Crohn's disease in patients in failure with anti-TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) agents. ...


Corticosteroids With Vedolizumab in Crohn's Disease

This study will examine prednisone co-induction with vedolizumab in patients with Crohn's disease. To address questions regarding the effect of co-induction on mucosal healing, the study will include colonoscopic assessment of mucosal healing. Finally, colonic biopsies in this study will allow to elucidate further the mechanism of action of vedolizumab ...


Reduce Risk for Crohn's Disease Patients

In this randomized controlled trial PIBDNet (pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases network) aims to compare the following treatment strategy by dividing patients into two risk groups for aggressive disease evolution: the effectiveness of Methotrexate versus Azathioprine / 6 mercaptopurine for the maintenance of remission in Crohn's disease in children who are ...


Extended Access Program of Vedolizumab IV in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease

The drug being used in this study is called vedolizumab, which is being used to treat people who have ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. This study will monitor ongoing safety in the people who take vedolizumab. Participants who have successfully completed the participation in qualifying vedolizumab clinical studies will be ...