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Brain Metastases Clinical Trials

A listing of Brain Metastases medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (112) clinical trials

Whole Brain Radiation Using IMRT for Patients With Brain Metastases

This phase II clinical trial will utilize intensity modulated whole brain radiation therapy in order to deliver a smaller, yet effective dose for subclinical disease while giving a higher dose to gross disease for patients with more than one brain metastasis. In this study, a dose of 30 Gray (Gy) ...


A Prospective Observational Trial on the Diagnostic and Prognostic of LM

The primary purpose of this study is to compare the positive rate between the cell-free DNA and cytological examination of cerebrospinal fluid in Advanced lung cancer with leptomeningeal metastases.

Phase N/A

Tomotherapy for Refractory Brain Metastases

This is a single-arm, single center, phase II trial to investigate the feasibility and toxicity of tomotherapy for refractory brain metastases, which are defined as A: multiple brain metastases(3 lesions); B: large brain metastases(with one lesion's volume is no smaller than 6cc or the longest diameter is no shorter than ...

Phase N/A

Tumor Bed Hypofractionated IMRT After Surgery for Patients With Single Large Brain Metastases From Solid Tumor

Investigators designed a study to recruit patients with single, large brain metastases from solid primary tumor for a multimodality approach: surgery followed by hypofractionated intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) using VMAT approach. The potential advantage of this treatment is to improve local control and to reduce toxicity compared with WBRT ...


CNS and Extracranial Tumor Tissues CSF and Blood From Patients With Melanoma Brain Metastases

Among the different sites to which melanoma can spread, the Central Nervous System (CNS) has the highest chance of developing metastases. Prognosis for metastatic melanoma involving the CNS is worse than that of CNS metastases from other cancers. Therefore, it is felt that early identification of this condition, even before ...

Phase N/A

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Nal-IRI for Progressing Brain Metastases in Breast Cancer Patients

This is an international, prospective, open-label, multicenter, single arm, two-stage Simon Design phase II clinical trial, with the primary objective of assessing the efficacy of nal-IRI single agent in a cohort of HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients with CNS involvement. Eligible patients will have histologically proven diagnosis of adenocarcinoma ...


Buparlisib in Melanoma Patients Suffering From Brain Metastases (BUMPER)

The study will enrol adult female and male patients with BRAF wild-type melanoma and brain metastases who are not eligible for surgery or radiosurgery and failed prior therapy with ipilimumab, and patients with BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma and brain metastases who are not eligible for surgery or radiosurgery and who ...


Intraoperative Radiotherapy After the Resection of Brain Metastases

Brain metastases occur in up to 40% of all patients diagnosed with systemic cancer. Without adjuvant radiotherapy after resection of space occupying lesions local recurrence rates are high. That is why guidelines recommend a cavity boosting with x-rays. External beam radiotherapy can lower the risk of local recurrence but means ...

Phase N/A

A Study of the Gene Mutation Status in Cerebrospinal Fluid Blood and Tumor Tissue of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients With Brain Metastases

Primary lung cancer is one of the most common malignancies in China, with 57 percent of patients being diagnosed at advanced stage. At present, advanced lung cancer has entered the era of precise treatment. So it is very important to determine the gene mutation status of the tumor and prescribe ...

Phase N/A

Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) With Sorafenib for Breast Cancer Brain Metastases (BCBM)

Sorafenib is a new type of anti-cancer drug. It belongs to a new class of medications known as tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Sorafenib is thought to work against cancer in many ways. It helps decrease blood supply to the tumor. It also blocks some proteins that help the tumor cells to ...