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Hemorrhage Clinical Trials

A listing of Hemorrhage medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (53) clinical trials

Evaluation of Peripheral EOS for the Peripheral Embolization Treatment to Rapidly OccluDe Venous or Arterial BleEding

Prospective, non-randomized, multi-center confirmatory observational study for the treatment of subjects with the need for vascular occlusion for the following conditions: 1. Stopping blood loss from a damaged blood vessel from a traumatic vascular injury 2. Hemorrhage caused by a neoplasia 3. Neoplastic process (tumor) 4. Gastrointestinal bleeding 5. Closing ...

Phase N/A

To Study the Effect of Early Cooling in Acute Subdural Hematoma Patients

This randomized, prospective trial will study the effect of very early cooling in patients undergoing surgical evacuation of acute subdural hematomas (35°C prior to opening the dura followed by maintenance at 33°C for a minimum of 48h). Intravascular cooling catheters (Thermogard XP Device, Zoll) will be utilized to induce hypothermia ...

Phase N/A

Prevention of Retained-Blood Outcomes With Active Clearance Technology

This is a prospective multicenter observational registry with a retrospective component. The registry has two tracks. One track--ALL-ACT-- is for sites enrolling a consecutive cohort of all cardiac surgery patients (Track A). The second track--VAD-ACT-- is for sites enrolling patients post ventricular assist device (VAD) surgery (Track B). There are ...

Phase N/A

Cerebral Oxygenation and Autoregulation in Preterm Infants

Premature infants are at high risk for variations in blood pressure and oxygenation during the first few days of life. The immaturity of the premature brain may further predispose these infants to death or the development of neurologic problems. The relationship between unstable blood pressure and oxygen levels and brain ...

Phase N/A

An Observational Cohort Study to Investigate the Risk of Thromboembolic Events in Patients Receiving Kcentra or Plasma to Reverse Vitamin K Antagonist (VKA) Therapy in the Setting of Acute Major Bleeding

This observational cohort study is designed to obtain product safety information from the routine clinical setting within large, diverse, community-based populations. In the setting of acute major bleeding in which patients are treated for Vitamin K antagonist reversal, the risk of thromboembolic events (TEE) in patients treated with Kcentra® and ...

Phase N/A

Prospective Multicenter Multidisciplinary Controlled Clinical Investigation Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of PerClot Polysaccharide Hemostatic System

This is a prospective, multicenter, multidisciplinary, controlled clinical investigation evaluating the safety and efficacy of PerClot in achieving intraoperative hemostasis compared to a similar marketed hemostatic device. Three hundred and twenty four subjects across a maximum of 25 investigational sites undergoing open elective cardiac, general, or urological surgical procedures who ...

Phase N/A

Multicenter Prospective Cohort of Informal Caregivers in Burgundy and Franche-Comt

Medical progress and modification of lifestyles have prolonged life expectancy, despite the development of chronic diseases. The support and care are often provided by a network of informal caregivers composed of family, friends, and neighbors. They became essential to help maintening the elderly persons to live at home. It has ...

Phase N/A

Bioavailability of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in Comatose Patients With Acute Brain Injury (ABI)

This study will be targeting patients suffering from acute brain injury (ABI), including those with severe trauma brain injury (sTBI) and those with aneurysmal sub arachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). This clinical study is an open-label, non-randomized, single-center, exploratory metabolic study. The primary objective is to determine changes from baseline (before enteral ...

Phase N/A

Detecting Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage With Microwave Technology

This open study will enrol trauma patients admitted to the Trauma Unit, Department of Surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital/Sahlgrenska. It will compare patients where TICH has been confirmed by CT (group A) to patients where CT has ruled out TICH (group B). Patients will be asked to participate in the ...

Phase N/A

Anticipatory Counseling on LNG-IUS Continuation Utilization and Satisfaction: A Pilot Study

Enhanced anticipatory counseling detailing side effects when initiating progestin-only injectable contraception improved its continued use among women.While continuation rates at one year among levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) users are considerably higher than those for progestin-only injectable users in the United States (80% versus 56%), enhanced anticipatory counseling could have an ...

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