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HIV Clinical Trials

A listing of HIV medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (812) clinical trials

Tambua Mapema Plus - to Discover HIV Infection Early and Prevent Onward Transmission

This is a proof-of-concept study comparing outcomes of a health facility-based acute HIV infection (AHI) and prevalent HIV testing intervention using point of care HIV-1 RNA detection, combined with assisted partner services (aPS) and follow-up in an antiretroviral therapy (ART) cohort for all newly diagnosed individuals and follow-up in a ...

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Rifampicin vs Rifabutin in HIV/AIDS Patients Combined With Tuberculosis

Two hundreds and thirty participants will be randomly assigned to receive an anti--tuberculosis treatment include rifampicin or rifabutin for two months of intensive therapy. Isoniazid and rifampicin (or rifabutin) will be continued to use for four months of consolidation therapy. A total of followed up period will be 12 months. ...

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HIV-to-HIV Transplant at MGH

This is an observational study designed to evaluate safety and outcomes of solid organ transplantation in HIV+ recipients of HIV+ deceased donors. This study will evaluate overall survival and graft survival compared to transplantation with an HIV- organ. In addition the study will assess potential complications of organ transplant using ...

Phase N/A

Establish and Characterize an Acute HIV Infection Cohort in a High Risk Population

This study will establish an acute infection cohort which is predominantly non-subtype B. Description of the early events in HIV infection is critical to HIV vaccine development and understanding HIV-1 immunopathogenesis. The ability to establish this cohort and identify individuals with acute HIV-1 infection would provide the basis for future ...

Phase N/A

Efficacy Safety & Tolerability of Switching EFV/TDF/FTC to BIC/FTC/TAF in Virologically Suppressed Adults With HIV-1

Therapeutic dosage of the tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) component of ATRIPLA requires plasma concentrations of the drug that are associated with nephrotoxicity and decreased bone mineral density. Tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF) has a unique metabolism that results in higher intracellular levels of the active phosphorylated moiety tenofovir-diphosphate. Compared with TDF, ...


Vicente Ferrer HIV Cohort Study

Andhra Pradesh is the state with highest burden of HIV in India. Anantapur is a district situated in the South border of Andhra Pradesh with 72% rural population and adult literacy rate of 74.1% in men and 54.3% in women. In Anantapur, the HIV epidemic is largely driven by heterosexual ...

Phase N/A

Anal HPV Infection and Risk for Anal High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Among Thai MSM With Acute HIV Infection

Anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is very common in men who have sex with men (MSM).1-3 HIV-positive MSM have a higher prevalence of anal HPV infection than HIV-negative MSM and are more likely to have infection with multiple HPV types.1,2 Spontaneous clearance of anal HPV infection is less common among ...

Phase N/A

3BNC117-LS First-in-Human Phase 1 Study

The proposed study is a Phase 1, open label, dose escalation cohort study of 3BNC117-LS administered intravenously in HIV-uninfected and HIV-1 infected participants. Study participants will be administered a single intravenous infusion of 3BNC117-LS at one of three increasing dose levels (3 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg and 30 mg/kg) and will ...


Exploration of the Neo-Vagina Study

A computer-administered questionnaire will collect quantitative demographic information and details about surgical history, neovaginal health, neovaginal practices, and sexual behavior including neovaginal intercourse and drug use history from each participant. The questionnaire can be completed online from any location or at the study clinic and will take about 15-20 minutes.

Phase N/A

Does Preference-based HIV Testing Increase Uptake in High Risk Populations?

HIV counseling and testing (HCT) is a highly cost-effective intervention for increasing serostatus awareness, a point of entry into HIV care and treatment, and an important means of primary and secondary HIV prevention. Public health officials have called for dramatic increases in HIV testing to achieve an HIV-free generation. Yet, ...

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