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Meningiomas Clinical Trials

A listing of Meningiomas medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (2) clinical trials

Patients are needed to participate in a clinical research study of Meningioma, NF2 Gene Mutation, Recurrent Meningioma to evaluate GSK2256098, vismodegib

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To determine the activity of a smoothened, frizzled class receptor (SMO) and PTCH1 inhibitor in patients with meningiomas harboring SMO mutations as measured by 6-month progression free survival (PFS) and response rate. II. To determine the activity of a FAK inhibitor in patients with meningiomas harboring neurofibromin ...


Patients are needed to participate in a clinical research study evaluating Gemcitabine, sonidegib, trametinib, ribociclib for the treatment of Refractory Brain Tumor, Medulloblastoma, PTCH1 Mutation, Meningioma, Ependymoma, Recurrent, Medulloblastoma, SHH-activated and TP53 Mutant, Pediatric Brain Tumor, Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma, Anaplastic, Glioma, Recurrent Malignant, Malignant neoplasm of brain, Central Nervous System Neoplasms, Germ cell tumor, Embryonal Tumor of CNS, Medulloblastoma, Non-WNT/Non-SHH, CNS Embryonal Tumor With Rhabdoid Features, Medulloblastoma; Unspecified Site, Oligodendroglioma, Neuroectodermal Tumor, Anaplastic Ganglioglioma, Ependymoma, RELA Fusion Positive, Ganglioneuroblastoma of Central Nervous System, Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor, Recurrent Medulloblastoma, Papillary Tumor of the Pineal Region (High-grade Only), Glioma, Recurrent High Grade, Gliomatosis cerebri, Embryonal Tumor With Multilayered Rosettes (ETMR), Pinealoma, Neuroblastoma. CNS, Glioblastoma, IDH-mutant, Medulloblastoma, Medulloblastoma, G3/G4, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor, Ependymoma, NOS, WHO Grade III, Medulloblastoma, SHH-activated and TP53 Wildtype, Neuroepithelial Tumor, High Grade, Ependymoma, NOS, WHO Grade II, Glioma, Cancer, Astrocytoma, Medulloblastoma, Non-WNT Non-SHH, NOS, Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, Glioma, Diffuse Midline, H3K27M-mutant, Medulloblastoma, WNT-activated, Medulloblastoma, Group 3, Pineal Parenchymal Tumor of Intermediate Differentiation (High-grade Only), Medulloblastoma, Group 4, Medulloblastoma, Chromosome 9q Loss, Glioma, High Grade, Glioblastoma, IDH-wildtype, Ependymoma

Patients will be stratified by the molecular and histologic characteristics of their tumor to one of three treatment strata. STRATUM A: Combination Treatment: ribociclib and gemcitabine. Patient Population: Participants with a diagnosis of refractory or recurrent medulloblastoma (Group 3/4) or refractory or recurrent ependymoma (including: ependymoma, not otherwise specified (NOS), ...