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Dementia Clinical Trials

A listing of Dementia medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (908) clinical trials

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in Schizophrenia

Research of deep TMS treatment in patients with schizophrenia experiencing auditory hallucinations, double blind placebo(sham) controlled study October 14, 2007 Physical background Modern TMS began in 1985 when Barker and colleagues in Sheffield, UK, developed the first TMS device. However, the original commercially available stimulators were limited in the frequency ...


Remediation of Schizophrenia Sensory Gating Deficit With Aripiprazole

Problems with attention and perception are core features of schizophrenia and are hypothesized to result from defects in the filtering or gating of sensory input. Examination of this requires neuroimaging techniques with high temporal resolution. High-density EEG and MEG in combination with structural magnetic resonance imaging (sMRI) are used to ...

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Bilateral Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Auditory Hallucinations

This study is an extension of an ongoing clinical trial ( identifier NCT 00308997) that was initiated in 2006. The primary objective of the ongoing clinical trial (hereafter called the "parent trial") is to determine efficacy of rTMS in curbing auditory hallucinations when delivered to a part of the left ...


Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome in SPR Taking Antipsychotics

Schizophrenic patients taking any kind of antipsychotics for at least 1 year at the Seoul National Hospital will be participated in this study. we are planning to enroll approximately 1000 patients with schizophrenia. For each subject - abdominal circumference - body mass index - lipid profile : TG, HDL-chlo, total ...

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Effect on Metabolic Parameters of Abilify in SPR

To measure the long-term changes in weight, plasma lipids and fasting blood glucose after switching antipsychotic treatment to aripiprazole, 1 year, open label studies in out and in-patients with schizophrenia. The measurement of weight and lipid profile and fasting blood glucose will be measured at baseline and every 3 months ...

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A Placebo-controlled Efficacy Study of IV Ceftriaxone for Refractory Psychosis

Patients will be screened over the telephone. Information will be gathered from the mental health treatment team and the patient. Most patients who come to this study have had an inadequate or insufficient improvement with clozapine. Upon arrival at the NYS Psychiatric Institute, they review and sign consent to make ...


Lutein and Alzheimer's Disease Study

Oxidative damage by free radicals may be involved in causing Alzheimer's disease (AD). Free radicals may lead to death of nerve cells and decline in brain function. Certain antioxidants may suppress this free radical damage associated with AD. Carotenoids are a family of naturally occurring antioxidants that have important functions ...


Cognitive Determinants of Psychoeducation and Information in Psychoses

Schizophrenic inpatients are examined shortly after admission with a broad battery of clinical and neurological rating scales and neuropsychological tests. They are then randomized to either standard treatment (including antipsychotic medications, art and occupational therapy, psychotherapy) or to standard treatment plus daily computerbased cognitive training (COGPACK; ten 1-hour sessions over ...

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Effectiveness of Neuroadaptive Cognitive Training in Adolescents at Risk for Psychosis

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that is marked by significant disruption in a person's thought and emotional processes, frequently involving psychotic features. Identifying behavioral changes and symptoms that indicate the beginning stages of schizophrenia is important for early intervention and prevention of a full psychotic episode. These initial symptoms, ...


IssuEs in Palliative Care for People in Advanced and Terminal Stages of Young-onset and Late-Onset Dementia in GErmany

From a scientific view, palliative care issues in dementia are neglected in Germany. Neither in Germany nor internationally research has been conducted on palliative care issues in young onset dementia (YOD), although significant differences compared to late onset dementia (LOD) are expected. Most international studies have focused on patients in ...

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