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Fever Clinical Trials

A listing of Fever medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (64) clinical trials

Fever? Aches? Pains? Cough? Sore Throat? When you reach for the tissues this flu season, think Mount Vernon Clinical Research. Mount Vernon Clinical Research is enrolling in a study that will try to find out if an investigational flu drug can speed up the recovery of people with flu. Eligibility ...

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Esmolol Effects on Heart and Inflammation in Septic Shock

Beta adrenergic system, over-activated in septic shock patients, is a key modulator of the inflammatory response. Experimental works demonstrated that Esmolol, an highly selective beta-1 blocker, reduces heart rate and regulates the inflammatory response. A recent mono centric, double blind, randomized clinical work in septic shock patients has shown that ...


Pilot Phase II Study: Hemodynamic Tolerance and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Esmolol During the Treatment of Septic Shock

During septic shock, the consequences of treatment by a β1-blocker on inflammation and cardiovascular variability are unknown. The use of esmolol should have positive effects on inflammation and hemodynamic tolerance. These effects are probably dose-dependent. The study will enroll adult patients hospitalized in ICU, for severe septic shock requiring treatment ...


An Epidemiology Study of Malaria Transmission Intensity in Children in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nine annual cross sectional surveys at peak transmission will provide point estimates of parasite prevalence and subsequently a longitudinal assessment of the level of endemicity in each area covered by EPI-MAL-002 and EPI-MAL-003. This study will be conducted in parallel to EPI-MAL-002 and EPI-MAL-003 in order to assess parasite prevalence ...

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A Surveillance Study of Diseases Specified as Adverse Events of Special Interest of Other Adverse Events Leading to Hospitalisation or Death and of Meningitis in Children in Africa Prior to Implementation of the RTS S/AS01E Candidate Vaccine

The outcomes of interest (AESI, other AE leading to hospitalization or death, and meningitis) as well as data on malaria morbidity and mortality will be captured through active and enhanced hospitalization surveillance in children < 5 years of age. Children enrolled in active surveillance will be visited at their home ...

Phase N/A

Study of Varying Injection Schedules of TDENV-PIV Vaccine With AS03B Adjuvant and Placebo in Healthy US Adults

This study is being conducted to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity and antibody persistence of the candidate dengue vaccine.


Non-inferiority Trial of Conditional vs Universal Follow up for Children With Fever in Democratic Republic of Congo

Fevers in childhood are common and usually self resolve. In rural Democratic Republic of Congo (and many other settings), when a febrile child presents to a community health worker (CHW), the child is assessed for malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea, and other danger signs, according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines ...


Safety Tolerability and Immunogenicity Study of 2 Prime-boost Regimens for Ebola Vaccines Ad26.ZEBOV/MVA-BN-Filo

This is a randomized, observer-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, multicenter, 2-part, Phase 2 study Ad26.ZEBOV and MVA-BN-Filo in healthy and HIV infected adults. In part 1, prime vaccination with MVA-Bn-Filo will be followed by boost vaccination with Ad26 14 days later in the US. In part 2, two regimens will be investigated. ...


PfSPZ Vaccine: Dose Optimization With Heterologous Challenge in Healthy Malaria-Na ve Adults

The study will be conducted as a collaborative effort between the NMRC, UMB CVD, WRAIR and Sanaria, Inc. The study screening, immunizations and follow-ups for Groups 1 & 2 will take place at the UMB CVD. The study screening, immunizations and follow-ups for Groups 3 & 4 will take place ...


Imatinib's Effect on the Suppression of Malaria Parasites in Patients With Uncomplicated Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria

An exploratory study to examine the efficacy and safety of imatinib mesylate on the suppression of parasitemia in patients with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria. In vitro studies of P. falciparum parasitized erythrocytes demonstrate that inhibitors of the protein tyrosine kinase SYK prevent malaria parasite egress from infected red blood cells ...