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Aging Clinical Trials

A listing of Aging medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (269) clinical trials

Development of an ICF Core Set for Geriatric Patients in Primary Care

The systematic literature review captures the perspective of researchers on functioning of community dwelling people aged 75 years and older. Different literature databases will be searched combining search terms referring to community dwelling elderly and to functioning. Two investigators will independently screen the abstracts and titles for eligibility. In reviewing ...

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Glucocorticoid Inflammation Paradox in Human Skeletal Muscle

Healthy male and female individuals ages 60 - 80 (n=10) will be studied before and after 6 days of treatment with self-administered daily oral methylprednisolone. Subjects will report to the Texas A&M Human Clinical Research Facility (HCRF) for testing before (day 0) and after (day 6) methylprednisolone intervention. Each visit ...


Effects of High-velocity Resistance Training and Creatine Supplementation in Healthy Aging Males

Purpose and hypothesis: The purpose of this thesis is to compare the effects of HVRT and CR supplementation to HVRT and placebo in healthy aging males. It is hypothesized that HVRT and CR supplementation will increase muscle mass, strength, power and tasks of functionality compared to HVRT and placebo. Participants: ...


Comparison of the Cosmetic Effects of Bakuchiol and Retinol

Subjects will be assigned to a retinoid cream or bakuchiol to compare the cosmetic effects. This will take place over a 12 week period.


The Short-term Effects of Noninvasive Electrical Brain Stimulation on Dual Tasking in Older Adults

The ability to stand and walk safely, especially while performing additional cognitive tasks like talking, reading or decision making, is critical to the preservation of functional independence into old age. Such "dual tasking" often impairs balance, even in healthy older adults and those with greater dual task "costs" are more ...

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Impact of Physical Activity on Biomarker of Aging and Body Composition Among Breast Cancer Survivors Age 65 and Older

LCCC1410 is designed to compare the change in p16 from baseline to end of chemotherapy in 100 older ( 65 years) breast cancer patients participating in a home-based physical activity program (intervention group) to 100 patients in the concurrent control group not participating in a physical activity intervention (enrolled in ...

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Exercise Effects on Word Learning

Difficulty retrieving the right word to communicate a message is the most common complaint in healthy older adults and individuals with stroke-induced language impairment (i.e., aphasia). Novel word learning paradigms have been used to investigate a variety of behavioral and neuromodulatory approaches to improve word retrieval deficits. Previous novel word ...

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Physical Activity and Cognition Study

The overall duration of participation in this research study is approximately 4 months. During this time, three study visits will be required. The first visit is for informed consent and screening, the second visit is for baseline fitness and cognitive testing, and the third visit is for follow-up fitness and ...

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Utilizing Protein During Weight Loss to Impact Physical Function

The study will use a 3-group design in 225 obese (BMI 30-45 kg/m2), older (65-79 years) men and women at risk for disability (SPPB 10) who will undergo a 6-month weight loss intervention followed by a 12-month follow-up phase to test the overall hypothesis that a higher protein (1.2 g/kg ...

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Lifestyle Enriching Activities for Research in Neuroscience Intervention Trial: LEARNit Study

Cognitive decline in older adults is a major public health issue. The cost of caring for older adults with substantial cognitive impairment, like those with Alzheimer's Disease in the US is approximately $200 billion a year, causing major societal, economic, and caregiving burden. Despite great advances towards diagnosing these problems, ...