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HIV Infections Clinical Trials

A listing of HIV Infections medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (160) clinical trials

SCOPE: Observational Study of the Consequences of the Protease Inhibitor Era

SCOPE is an observational, prospective study of HIV-1 infected volunteers designed to provide a specimen bank of samples with carefully characterized clinical data. Samples from SCOPE will be used to examine: 1. Virologic, immunologic, and host factors involved in the natural control of HIV-1 infection (long term non-progression and/or virologic ...

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Development of Resistance Mutations in Pregnant HIV-Positive (+) Women Following Perinatal Antiretroviral Therapy in Israel

The project will be performed in collaboration with the Israeli National HIV Reference Center Laboratory, which maintains a national bank of HIV-positive blood samples, and with HIV/AIDS treatment centers located throughout Israel. An initial survey will identify retrospectively those HIV+ women who were given antiretroviral therapy while pregnant and stopped ...

Phase N/A

A Pilot Study of Triple NtRTI/NsRTI Therapy in Antiretroviral Naive HIV-1 Infected Patients

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the antiviral effect and durability of antiviral response (HIV-1 RNA PCR) and safety of a triple NtRTI/NsRTI therapy in antiretroviral naive patients. Patients will receive TDF plus FTC plus AZT for at least 48 weeks. Further objectives are to evaluate resistance pathways ...


Nelfinavir and M8 Drug-Level Monitoring in HIV-1 Infection

The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of prospective drug level monitoring and dose-adjustment of nelfinavir (NFV) on the clinical and virologic outcomes in a group of HIV-infected patients who have achieved virologic success while receiving a nelfinavir containing highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) regimen.

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The Role of Naive T-Cells in HIV Pathogenesis

The overall goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the role of naïve T-cells in the pathogenesis of T-cell decline and long-term persistence of HIV infection. The study is divided into two parts. Part 1 aims to determine the origin of HIV infected naïve T-cells in ...

Phase N/A

Once Daily 3TC Efavirenz and ddI for HIV Infection

Rationale: ‘TEddI’ will enable a once-daily treatment strategy to be studied and provide information on effectiveness, patient adherence and quality of life and the tolerability of such regimens. Hypothesis: The study hypothesis is that an antiretroviral regimen comprising of three agents taken once daily will have higher levels of adherence ...


An Imaging Trial of the Distribution of Topical Gel in the Human Vagina: Assessment of Bare Spots

This study will assess the distribution of a microbicidal gel in the vagina and confirm the presence of bare spots. MRIs will be done with and without the addition of the MRI contrast Gadolinium to the microbicide in order to determine whether the bare spots are an artifact of the ...


Viral and Host Factors in the Transmission and Pathogenesis of HIV

This phlebotomy protocol permits the collection of blood from individuals known to be at high risk for HIV-infection or who have been recently infected with HIV. Participants will have from 10 to 60 ml (approximately 1 to 4 tablespoons) of blood drawn for one or all of the following tests: ...

Phase N/A

Anti-D for Treating Thrombocytopenia in Adults Infected With Hepatitis C Virus With or Without HIV Co-Infection

Peginterferon alfa-2 with ribavirin is the current standard of care for the treatment of HCV infection; however, severe hematologic effects, including anemia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia, may make this treatment less than ideal for patients with HCV. Medications to prevent or treat serious neutropenia and anemia have been established and are ...

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Integrating Buprenorphine Into HIV Treatment

This study will test the hypothesis that integrating buprenorphine within the context of primary care HIV treatment will improve outcomes for HIV-infected heroin users vs providing buprenorphine services at a separate, off-site facility. As a means of engagement, we will offer the OASIS education group each week at each facility. ...