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Anxiety Disorders Clinical Trials

A listing of Anxiety Disorders medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (17) clinical trials

A Safety and Efficacy Study of JNJ-42165279 in Participants With Social Anxiety Disorder

This is a Phase 2a randomized (study drug assigned by chance), double-blind (neither the Investigator nor the participants know about the study intervention), placebo-controlled, parallel-group, multi-center study of JNJ-42165279 in participants with social anxiety disorder. Participants will receive 25 milligram (mg) JNJ-42165279 or matching placebo orally once-daily from Day 1 ...


MindLight: A Video Game Intervention to Reduce Children's Anxiety

Over the next two years, the investigators will be collecting data on two samples, henceforth identified as the Clinical Sample and Prevention Sample. The laboratory protocol (pre, post, and follow-up) is the same for each; however the screening and recruitment are not. In this section, only those procedures and methods ...


Different Neural Circuit Mechanisms Between Cognitive Therapy and Behavior Therapy for Patients With Panic Disorder: a Dynamic Research

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which includes cognitive therapy (CT) and behavioral therapy (BT), is the first-line treatment for patients with panic disorder (PD). However, the neural mechanism of CBT is unknown. The exploration of mechanism is of great significance for clinical strategy formulation. This study is proposed on the basis ...


Buspirone in Parkinson's Disease

Anxiety is highly prevalent in Parkinson's disease and negatively impacts quality of life yet it frequently remains untreated and there have been no clinical trials dedicated to evaluating the pharmacological treatment of anxiety in Parkinson's disease. Buspirone is effective for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in the general and ...


Treatment of Anxiety in Late Adolescents With Autism

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect approximately 1.1% of late adolescents and young adults, making it one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders. Comorbid anxiety disorders affect many higher-functioning adolescents and young adults with ASD, causing substantial distress and impairment over and above that caused by an ASD diagnosis alone. While ...


Web-based Interpretation Training For Anxiety

Approximately half of the U.S. population experiences serious mental health problems during their lifetime, including 29% with anxiety pathology severe enough to qualify for an anxiety disorder diagnosis [1]. Critically, more than two thirds of individuals struggling with a mental illness do not receive treatment [1]. With this level of ...


Specifying and Treating Anxiety in Autism Research

Approximately 40%-80% of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exhibit clinically significant anxiety symptoms. These symptoms are associated with increased social deficits, depression, irritability, and stereotyped and self-injurious behaviors. Children and adolescents with anxiety also frequently avoid potentially stressful situations, thereby missing opportunities to learn important new skills. ...


Role of the Orexin Receptor System in Stress Sleep and Cocaine Use

Preclinical research has established important functions for the orexin system in mediating arousal/sleep, stress, and cue-induced reinstatement of drug taking (e.g., relapse). The role of stress/anxiety and drug cue reactivity in human drug relapse is well established, but to date, the role of the orexin system in modulating these phenomena ...


Exploring the Impact of Perioperative Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS) on Stress Anxiety and Cognition

AIM 1: In anterior cervical decompression and fusion (ACDF) subjects, explore the association between prebiotics, anxiety, and pain. Studies have recently elucidated a link between certain prebiotics and lower perceived anxiety as well as biomarkers of stress. In this aim the investigators will explore the association between consumption of prebiotics ...


Improve: Integrating Emotion Focused Components Into Psychological Therapy

Background "General Psychotherapy" postulates an ongoing process of including all interventions and concepts relevant for a domain, be they from other approaches to psychotherapy or concepts from basic science. "Psychological Therapy" (PT) is a therapeutic approach largely corresponding to the ideas of General Psychotherapy. It draws mainly on empirically validated ...