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Sepsis and Septicemia Clinical Trials

A listing of Sepsis and Septicemia medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (50) clinical trials

Prevention of Perinatal Sepsis (PoPS): Evaluation of Chlorhexidine Wipes of Birth Canal and Newborn

We are conducting a randomized, controlled clinical trial in Soweto, South Africa to evaluate the efficacy of 0.5% chlorhexidine wipes of the birth canal during labour and of the infant at birth in reducing 1) vertical transmission of leading pathogenic bacteria from mother to child during labour and delivery, and ...


Regulation of Endocrine Metabolic Immune and Bioenergetic Responses in Sepsis

The objectives of this study are to examine the relationship between the severity of illness, and temporal changes in the activity of endocrine, metabolic and bioenergetic pathways, and consequent immune dysfunction in critically ill patients with sepsis and multiple organ failure in the Intensive Care Unit. This study will be ...

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Effect of APC and Epo on the Inflammatory Response During Sepsis

An observational study to determine the effect of APC and Epo in reducing the systemic inflammatory response during severe sepsis. Patients already prescribed either drug will be enrolled. The microcirculation of the sublingual vascular bed will be observed with a microscope to detect the alterations in the inflammatory response.

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Observational Study of Sepsis and Pneumonia to Develop Diagnostic Tests

3 interdependent aims are proposed to discover and initiate development of novel, in vitro diagnostic tests (IVD) for severe sepsis (SS) and community acquired pneumonia (CAP). Specific Aim 1: Discovery and initial development of an IVD for early diagnosis of severe sepsis. In patients with suspected sepsis, early, accurate identification ...

Phase N/A

Genetic Variation and Immune Responses After Injury

The goal of this research proposal is to identify relationships that exist between specific genetic markers, immune responses to injury and infection (sepsis), and post injury clinical outcomes. Specifically, we will investigate the clinical impact of mutations involved in the innate immune response, which likely influence host response. To accomplish ...

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Changes in Exhaled 13CO2/12CO2 Breath Delta Value as an Early Indicator of Infection in ICU Patients

Sepsis is a major complication for any patient, and its management is an acknowledged challenge for intensivists. Sepsis has unpredictable onset and progression, and is a leading cause of death in ICUs with a mortality rate of 30-50%. Annually in the US, 1.4M cases involve hospitalization, 750,000 cases of severe ...


Preliminary Research On Two-step Dosing Of Imipenem/Cilastatin

Compared with Imipenem/Cilastatin 2 hours continuous dosing method and two-step dosing method (0.5 hours before enter half dose, after 1.5 hours, the other half of the input dose) of blood drug concentration in the body than the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC) pathogens percent of dosing interval duration (100% fT > ...


Ulinastatin Treatment in Adult Patients With Sepsis and Septic Shock in China

Investigational drug:Ulinastain for Injection Study title: A Prospective, Multi-Centre, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Trial of Ulinastatin Treatment in Adult Patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock in China Principal Investigator:Professor Bin Du, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Peking Union Medical College Hospital; Professor Xiangyou Yu, Critical Care Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital, Xinjiang Medical ...


Biomarkers for the Early Identification of Sepsis in the Emergency Department

The management of patients admitted to the emergency department (ED) requires investigative biological parameters that help clinicians to make the right diagnosis. Sepsis concerns patients with infection associated with a systemic inflammatory response. While this inflammatory profile is observed in many clinical situations in the ED, the challenge is to ...

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