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Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials

A listing of Alzheimer's Disease medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (555) clinical trials

Aging Stereotypes and Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease

Because of the lengthening of life expectancy, more and more people are concerned with the effects of aging on their mental faculties (e.g., memory decline) and with the possibility of getting Alzheimer's Disease (AD) or other forms of dementia. This increasing awareness of AD has already resulted in a growing ...

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A Non-therapeutic Feasibility Study of the Radioligand [11C]-UCB-J for Imaging Synaptic Density

After assessing eligibility during a 4-week screening period, approximately 20 subjects will participate in the PET acquisition phase of the study. Drop-outs or unevaluable subjects will be replaced for a target sample size of 20 completed and evaluable subjects. During the screening period, a 3D T1-weighted MRI must be acquired ...

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Music Interventions for Dementia and Depression in Elderly Care

Dementia and depression are highly prevalent and comorbid conditions in older adults and are associated with individual distress, substantial carer burden, and high societal costs. Music interventions represent a highly promising type of non-pharmacological interventions for both dementia and depression in older adults. They are widely used, but have yet ...

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The Aging Brain ANSWERS Program

The majority of people with Alzheimer's (AD) and Traumatic brain Injury (TBI) are cared for in primary care settings and receive significant amounts of care and assistance in activities of daily living from family members or friends. The ABC ANSWERS intervention will incorporate and integrate the common features of an ...

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DHA Brain Delivery Trial

The Brain DHA Delivery Trial will examine the effect of APOE genotype on the changes of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) DHA to Arachidonic acid (AA) ratio in cognitively healthy older individuals in response to DHA supplementation. Randomized clinical trials have yielded mixed results on the effect DHA supplementation on cognitive outcomes. ...


Brain Energy for Amyloid Transformation in Alzheimer's Disease Study

This study will examine the effects of a 4-month Modified Mediterranean-Ketogenic Diet compared with an American Heart Association Diet (AHAD - a regimen that has been shown to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease). We will investigate diet effects on AD biomarkers, on cognition, and on neuroimaging measures of blood ...

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Study of BHV-4157 in Alzheimer's Disease

Preclinical models suggest that riluzole, the active metabolite of BHV-4157, may protect from AD-related pathology and cognitive dysfunction. Titrated dose of BHV-4157 to 280 mg, or placebo, taken orally once daily. Duration of treatment is 48 weeks. There is also a screening period of up to 42 days; and a ...


North American Prodromal Synucleinopathy Consortium

REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a rare disorder where people act out their dreams. People with RBD often, but not always, develop Parkinson's Disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy, or other neurodegenerative diseases of the synucleinopathy type. The North American Prodromal Synucleinopathy (NAPS) Consortium was formed with ...

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New CSF Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease

Today, the Alzheimer's disease (AD) diagnosis is founded not only on clinical criteria but also on complementary examinations to confirm a physiopathological process of AD. In complex cases, lumbar punction could be necessary in order to measure A peptides and Total and phosphorylated Tau but new biomarkers could be useful. ...

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Dementia-specific Intervention of Advance Care Planning

Study background and aims: Advance care planning (ACP) is a structured communication process between an individual, his family, and his healthcare agent (if existing), facilitated by a healthcare provider. The aim is to identify the personal values of the individual, reflect on the meanings and consequences of anticipated illness scenarios, ...

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