Last updated on January 2017

Recover L-PRP in Lateral Epicondylitis (REGP-11-00)

Brief description of study

The objective of the study is to further characterize the performance of L-PRP prepared using the Biomet Recover Kit in the treatment of chronic LE. The study will explore the potential impact of patient demographics and baseline characteristics on treatment outcome. Furthermore it will track and document treatment effects, time course, and untoward effects following treatment of chronic LE with L-PRP from the Recover device. In addition, the utilization of healthcare resources and associated costs will be investigated in treated patients.

Detailed Study Description

Clinical trials have been conducted to determine the efficacy and safety of Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Plasma (L-PRP) prepared with Biomet Recover L-PRP Mini Platelet Separation Kit for the treatment of tendinosis in a controlled setting. This study will allow for the capture and evaluation of real-world clinical data on a chronic LE patient population. The advantage of a post-market data collection is that it provides a way to examine clinical and patient reported outcomes along with the associated costs of chronic LE treatment in a diverse, clinically-relevant population. Although several registries exist which capture the outcomes following tendon/ligament reconstruction surgery, there are no known registries that capture outcomes following non-surgical treatment of chronic LE with Recover L-PRP. This study will fill that gap by allowing for an efficient data collection platform in a larger heterogeneous population of patients suffering from chronic LE and will document and more closely examine the treatment effects of Recover L-PRP.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02588040

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