Last updated on October 2018

The Effect of Intra-anal Nifedipine Used As Add-on to Conservative Therapy on Pain in Patients With Anal Fissure

Brief description of study

The objective of the study is to examine the effect of Nifedipine, applied intra-anally through our drug delivery device, on rectal pain severity in anal fissure patients that are being managed with conservative treatment.

Detailed Study Description

This is a randomized, double-blinded study. All patients in the study will be treated with the conservative standard of care for anal fissure. Study medication will be used as an add-on to conservative therapy, and will consist of 3 groups: 1. Treatment Group 1- 12 mg of Nifedipine to be self-administered twice daily. 2. Treatment Group 2- 12 mg of Nifedipine to be self-administered once daily in the morning hours and placebo to be self-administered in the evening. 3. Placebo Group - Placebo to be self-administered twice daily. Approximately 330 subjects will participate in this study. A screening visit will be used to determine subject suitability for inclusion in the trial. Within one week of the screening visit, subjects who meet all inclusion criteria and none of the exclusion criteria will receive either Nifedipine 12 mg X2 a day (BID) (24 mg/day total) or Nifedipine 12 mg X1/day to be administered in the morning hours and a matching placebo X1/day to be administered in the evening hours (12 mg/day total) or a matching placebo X2 a day (BID) (0 mg/day total) for a period of 8 weeks. During this period, 4 study visits (at 0, 2, 5, and 8 weeks) will take place. Study medication and placebo will be administered BID (in the morning and in the evening). In addition to receiving study medication, subjects will be maintained on a conservative standard treatment for Anal Fissure: sitz baths, high fiber diet, stool softeners and plenty of fluids. Upon completion of the treatment cycle, patients will be contacted by phone (at weeks 10, 13 and 16) and will be questioned about recurrent symptoms e.g. pain or bleeding. Patients that: 1. Were enrolled to one of the investigational groups ,and completed the 8 weeks treatment period or discontinued treatment because the investigator deemed them as healed AND 2. Experience symptoms of recurrence AND ARE 3. Willing to participate in an open label extension will receive Nifedipine 12 mg X2 a day (BID) for a period of 8 weeks. During this period, 4 study visits (at 0, 2, 5, and 8 weeks from the start of retreatment) will take place.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02527109

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Aleksandar Petrov

UMHAT "Sveti Georgi", Internal Consulting Department
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Jordan Chulchev, Dr.

"Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment - Doverie" AD, Clinic of Gastroenterology
Sofia, Bulgaria

Nikolay Tsonev, MD

II MHAT, Internal Clinic, Department of Gastroenterology
Sofia, Bulgaria

Hristo Vrachev

Sofia, Bulgaria

Stefan Stoychev

Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment Lulin
Sofia, Bulgaria

Mariana Penkova, MD

MC "New rehabilitation centre'' EOOD
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Yana Koleva, Dr.

"Multiprofile Regional Hospital for Active Treatment - Dr. St. Cherkezov" AD Department of Gastroenterology
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Eugen Gutu, Dr.

IMSP Spitalul Clinic Municipal Nr 1
Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

Gheorghe Anghelici, Prof.

IMSP Spitalul Clinic Municipal Nr 3 "Sfanta Treime"
Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

Valentin Bendelic, Dr.

IMSP Spitalul Clinic Republican
Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

Nir Barak, MD

Med-Gastr Centrum Medyczne
Lodz, Poland

Piotr Niedziela, Dr.

Ambulatorium Medyczne Medical Hair & Esthetic
Lublin, Poland