Last updated on January 2016

Evaluation of the AMICUS RBCx System in Sickle Cell Patients

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the performance of the AMICUS Red Blood Cell Exchange (RBCx) System (Exchange and Depletion/Exchange procedures) in patients with sickle cell disease.

Detailed Study Description

The goal of Red Blood Cell Exchange is to remove a patient's red blood cells (RBCs) and replace the blood volume removed with either healthy donor RBCs and/or colloid/crystalloid solutions. Depending on the RF used, the procedure can be considered an RBC Exchange or RBC Depletion/Exchange procedure. The RBC Depletion/Exchange procedure is a modification of the RBC Exchange procedure. The AMICUS RBCx protocol provides the ability to use various RFs including healthy donor RBCs or a combination of fluids, such as saline followed by RBCs. In RBC Exchange and the exchange portion of the RBC Depletion/Exchange procedures, RBC units are used as the RF, while colloid and/or crystalloid solutions are used as the RF in the depletion portion of the RBC Depletion/Exchange procedures. A new operating protocol on the AMICUS Separator that enables the device to perform Red Blood Cell Exchange (RBCx) procedures in accordance with the replacement fluid(s) (RF) prescribed by a physician for patients with sickle cell disease

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02372877

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Paul Swerdlow, MD

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Detroit, MI United States
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Teresa Arb, BSN

Washington University
St Louis, MO United States
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Sarita Joshi, MD

Nationwide Children's
Columbus, OH United States
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David Friedman, MD

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA United States
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Karen Matevosyan, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
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Sharon Graminske

BloodCenter of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI United States
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