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AvidinOX + [177Lu]DOTA-biotin (or 177Lu-ST2210) Complex in Patients With Liver Metastases From Colorectal Cancer

Brief description of study

The purpose of the study is to assess a new treatment for patients with liver tumor metastases from colorectal cancer. The treatment has never been used in humans before. The treatment foresees the use of two compounds: AvdinOX and [177Lu]DOTA-biotin.

AvidinOX is a new compound, essentially a natural protein obtained from hen eggs, while [177Lu]DOTA-biotin is a new chemical compound resulting from the combination of the DOTA-biotin (also deriving from a natural vitamin which is biotin) with the 177Lutetium, an atom which emits radiation.

AvidinOX will be injected directly into the metastases in the liver and [177Lu]DOTA-biotin will be injected into the arm vein.

One specific property of AvidinOX is that it chemically links to the tumor tissues when it is injected while maintaining the capacity to take up [177Lu]DOTA-biotin. Once locally bound in tumor tissue, AvidinOX becomes an "artificial receptor" for intravenously injected [177Lu]DOTA-biotin, which allows an internal radiation therapy of the tumor tissue.

The treatment of liver metastases with local injection of AvidinOX and the following intra-venous injection of [177Lu]DOTA-biotin could be simpler and more tolerable than the current available treatments.

Detailed Study Description

Primary objectives

  1. To identify the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) of 177Lu-ST2210 after prior intra-lesional injection of AvidinOX in the liver.
  2. To assess safety and tolerability of intra-lesionally injected AvidinOX + IV injected 177Lu-ST2210
  3. To evaluate intra-lesional distribution and retention of AvidinOX + 177Lu-ST2210 complex in liver metastases
  4. To evaluate systemic biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of 177Lu-ST2210 and {AvidinOX + 177Lu-ST2210}- complex

Secondary objectives

  1. To evaluate proportional 177Lu-ST2210 tumor binding, as a function of total tumor load, and AvidinOX dose injected
  2. To demonstrate AvidinOX post-deposition reactivity with 177Lu-ST2210 over time
  3. To evaluate whole body dosimetry of IV 177Lu-ST2210 after prior AvidinOX injection (radiation safety dosimetry)
  4. To record individual tumor dosimetry
  5. To evaluate preliminary efficacy of {AvidinOX + 177Lu-ST2210}-complex in reducing tumor size
  6. To evaluate whole body safety dosimetry and dose linearity of IV administered 177Lu-ST2210 after prior intra-lesional injection of AvidinOX
  7. To evaluate pharmacokinetics of ST2210 in plasma and urine

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02053324

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