Last updated on September 2018

Study of Captisol Enabled Melphalan and Pharmacokinetics for Patients With Multiple Myeloma or Light Chain Amyloidosis That Are Receiving an Autologous Transplant.

Brief description of study

Captisol Enabled Melphalan, is a new formulation of the standard of care melphalan chemotherapy that in packaged in an inactive substance that is believed to help the chemotherapy be more stable (meaning that it doesn't lose its effect or need to be administered quickly after being mixed). It may also have fewer side effects such as problems with important levels of body electrolytes such as potassium, phosphorous and magnesium; and cause less kidney and heart damage] than standard formulation melphalan.

The purpose of this study is to determine if the investigators can achieve a certain level of Captisol Enabled Melphalan that would be best to use in treating Multiple Myeloma and AL Amyloidosis.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02909036

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Heather Landau, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY United States
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