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Influence of the "Atelier du r ve" (Dream Workshop) on the Quality of Falling Asleep in the Operating Room.

Brief description of study

A "dream workshop" is organized for the children by nurses specialized in anesthesia in the CHI Creteil. During this workshop, the anesthesia process is explained to the children using games, drawings, songs, etc. The impact of this workshop on the child stress and acceptance of the mask during induction is studied in this research.

Detailed Study Description

For more than two years, nurse anesthetists have developed a personalized treatment of children who will be asleep using the theoretical bases of hypnosis in children and distraction, in order to improve the conditions of falling asleep, especially by promoting the acceptance of the mask during inhalation induction, or by preparing it for an Intra Venous induction, if it so desires or if it is obligatory.

Indeed, the announcement of a surgical intervention is sometimes experienced as a real emotional shock by the parents and / or the child, whatever the gravity or the stake of the surgical gesture. To all this is added the phobic fear of anesthesia and all conditions are met to generate a climate of maximum stress. The work of nurse anesthesists prior to this surgical procedure was to establish a relationship of trust with the child through this "dream workshop", to restore a more serene climate.

Thus, is it the idea of this "workshop of the dream", allowing thanks to the imagination of the child, to recreate a universe of confidence full of colors, songs and perfume ...

After consultation with the pediatric surgeon or the anesthesiologist, parents and children are invited to meet nurse anesthesists, if they wish, in a room dedicated to this purpose and specially designed to accommodate children; they will find a playmobil model, photographs of the patient circuit as well as different games or activities that can be performed during induction; the nurse anesthetist will take care to explain to them the progress of the hospitalization and help them to choose a pleasant dream, a perfume adapted to their taste, a distraction adapted to their age (animated book, soap bubbles, favorite song ...) ; he can customize his mask and choose the blanket he wants to take; the most recalcitrant or special sites (autism, long-term hospitalization) will be able to be accompanied by a parent during sleep.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03651999

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