Last updated on May 2018

Comparative Analysis of Sutures for Fascial Closure in Spinal Surgery

Brief description of study

STRATAFIX Symmetric PDS Plus sutures will reduce the time required for fascial closure following spinal surgery. A pilot study will aide in the design of a larger randomized controlled trial to compare suture closure time of the STRATAFIX Symmetric PDS Plus sutures versus traditional Vicryl sutures.

Detailed Study Description

Effective and secure suture is integral in spinal surgery, creating a strong barrier for tissue repair and a seal which prevents infection of the surgical site. The goal of any suture is to close the wound while minimizing risks of complications such as wound dehiscence and surgical site infection . A new type of suture, barbed suture, uses integrated barbs to secure the suture to the tissue without requiring knots for fixation. The result is a suture that evenly distributes tension along the length of the incision, while requiring less time to close . Additionally, STRATAFIX sutures offer a "Plus" antibacterial option for their knotless sutures, which further increases the safety and efficacy of this product.

Barbed suture technologies have been utilized in a variety of specialties, but neurosurgery remains unstudied in this respect. The primary aim of this study is to assess the time to closure using STRATAFIX technology. Decreased time to closure directly translates into decreased operating room time, and thus increased savings, especially for high-volume institutions. The secondary aim of this study is to determine the risk for surgical complications using STRATAFIX. Previous studies in other specialties have shown no significant difference in rate of adverse consequences when utilizing barbed sutures. To assess this aim, patients will be evaluated for wound dehiscence, SSI, deep infection, and 30-day rate of readmission for wound infection.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03533595

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