Last updated on March 2018

Treatment Prior to Injection and Biopsy of the Vulva

Brief description of study

This study will compare pre-treatment with ice prior to injection of local anesthetic for vulvar biopsy to no pre-treatment and evaluate pain levels and patient satisfaction with the procedure.

Detailed Study Description

To diagnose skin conditions of the vulva and determine appropriate treatment, a biopsy is often taken as an outpatient procedure. Prior to biopsy, the skin is cleansed and injected with a numbing solution. These injections can be quite painful in this sensitive area.

Ice has been used as topical anesthesia in a number of sites, including the cornea, the skin, and particularly in the mouth prior to anesthetic injections. However, there is no evidence for using ice anesthesia prior to injections of the vulvar tissues.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of using ice as pre-treatment prior to the injection of local anesthetic for vulvar biopsy.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03444727

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Erma Drobnis, PhD

Missouri Ob/Gyn Associated
Columbia, MO United States
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