Last updated on April 2018

Lot-to-lot Consistency of Sci-B-Vac in Adults

Brief description of study

A Controlled Trial to Assess the Lot-to-lot Consistency of Sci-B-Vac in Adults

Detailed Study Description

The primary objective of the study is to verify that the manufacturing equivalence of Sci-B-Vac is consistent and to compare the immunogenicity and safety of a three-dose regimen of Sci-B-Vac to a three-dose regimen of Engerix-B in adults.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03408730

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Hayes Williams

Accel Research Sites
Birmingham, AL United States
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Amina Haggag

Anaheim Clinical Trials
Anaheim, CA United States
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Bruce Rankin

Avail Clinical Research
DeLand, FL United States
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Mark Kutner

Suncoast Research Group
Miami, FL United States
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Nathan Segall

Clinical Research Altanta
Atlanta, GA United States
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Mark Turner

Advanced Clinical Research (ACR)
Boise, ID United States
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Michael Levin

Clinical Research Center of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV United States
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Mary Beth Manning

Rapid Medical Research
Cleveland, OH United States
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Carl Griffin

Lynn Health Science Institute
Oklahoma City, OK United States
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Judith Kirstein

Advanced Clinical Research (ACR)
Salt Lake City, UT United States
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Isabel Leroux-Roels

Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent
Gent, Belgium
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Bebi Yassin-Rajkumar, MS

LMC Diabetes & Endocrincology
Toronto, ON Canada
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Azhar Toma

Manna Toronto
Toronto, ON Canada
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Jeannette Janzen

Manna Montreal
Montreal, QC Canada
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Gerald Vallieres

Manna Research Quebec
Quebec City, QC Canada
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Michael Manns

Medizinishe Hochschule Hannover
Hannover, Germany
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Thomas Berg

Universit tsklinikum Leipzig A R
Leipzig, Germany
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Adam Finn

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Bristol, United Kingdom
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Catherine Cosgrove

St. George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
London, United Kingdom
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Dennis Reich, MD

Medicore Research Inc
Sudbury, ON Canada
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Maheshi Ramasamy, MD

Oxford University
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Saul Faust, MD

Southampton General Hospital
Southampton, United Kingdom
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